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Written by Sarah Curran

Summer Sports

Summer time is coming and with the good weather comes a great opportunity to exercise outdoors and mix things up by trying out some new hobbies in the sunshine! You will feel most comfortable training in fabrics that will wick away moisture and allow your skin to breathe in the heat. Wear layers that you can strip down so that you don’t overheat during training and make sure you have plenty of water with you!


Here are some great ideas for some fun activities that will keep you fit and help you get a serious calorie burn while catching some rays too!

yoga on the beach

Paddle Boarding


A much more relaxing way to spend some time in the open water, paddle-boarding works wonders for your core muscles as you keep your balance on the board. If you are feeling adventurous, why not try to take up a paddle-board yoga class?

Yoga On The Beach


There is nothing more relaxing than doing a yoga class, except for yoga on the beach! Hearing the waves crashing and the leaves rustling in the trees is enough to make even the most flustered lady mellow out, and the flexibility gains you will make are a bonus!

Volley Ball


Get your heart rate up with a game of beach volleyball. Volleyball trains almost every muscle in the body as you duck, dive and dodge and jump to get the ball over the net. You will also improve your speed and agility as you have to change direction quickly.




Rounders is a great game to get a bit of friendly competition going, especially if you have a big group of friends looking to shape up together. This game is a great calorie burner as you chase the ball or try and make it around each base to get home while you have the chance!



There is nothing like spending some time in the ocean in the summer time, and surfing is a great sport that will challenge your heart as you paddle out to catch a wave and your core and legs as you maintain your balance when you stand up on the board. Many public beaches offer surfing lessons at a reasonable price, and it often only takes a few to really find your feet. Make sure you pay attention to the surf conditions and choose an area of the beach that is suitable for beginners and within view of a lifeguard when possible.



Although running is a great activity in every season, it is especially nice in the summer when it is a bit warmer outside. Take advantage of the sunshine and mix up your workout by hitting some trails or the beach. You can earn extra brownie points by fitting in some hill sprints to really get your heart rate up!



Bring the fun times back from your childhood and find your feet again by trying out a rollerblading workout. You can really shape up your lower body by skating and improve your balance. Just make sure the path is smooth and not too steep downhill when you begin or you might get more speed than you bargained for!

corinne surfer



Summer is a great time to either invest in a bike or simply rent one out cheaply. You can take advantage of the cycle lane and explore some new areas, or you can drive to the countryside and make the most of the hills and valleys while burning some serious calories. Why not pack a picnic and have a lunch break in the great outdoors?


Summer is a great time to take your training to the outdoors and enjoy some fresh air!  There are some important safety considerations to take into account when the heat rises throughout your outdoors workout. Always be sure to have plenty of water to hand so that you don’t become dehydrated, and make sure to slap on some sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Try to avoid training outside for prolonged periods if the weather is especially warm, as it can be in the middle of the day, and ensure that you take some time out in a shaded place when you need a break!

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