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Struggling To Develop Wider Arms?

Chris Appleton
Author & Editor7 years ago
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Written by Jack Boardman

Developing Wider Arms

If you’re a bodybuilder or a regular weightlifter then, whatever your focus, your biceps are likely one of your best assets. But no matter how much you work them, perhaps you’re wondering how to make them appear thicker from the front.


To begin, if you’re thinking of your arms in terms of one unit then you’re probably not isolating smaller muscle groups as you should be in order to get bigger arms. Your upper arm includes the muscle groups that are your biceps and triceps – both of which are comprised of many muscle fibres.


Your tricep accounts for the largest portion of meat above your elbow on the back of your arm. Your biceps are comprised of two (bi) muscles – referred to as the long head and short head. The rest on the upper arm, starting their connection to the body on the scapula and running downward and inserting into the forearm, more specifically, the radius bone. Bicep muscles raise the forearm toward the shoulder, as well as the supination of your forearm. This means that its two main functions are to curl and pull, and the control of lowering the forearm back down.


To strengthen and develop your biceps, you will need to do exercises that focus on these movements. But bicep training needn’t be just curling alone. In fact, diversity and a spot of ingenuity may work in your favour.

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A commonly asked question, however, is how to make your biceps wider. As said, if you’re regularly curling, your biceps will likely be pretty pronounced. Even if you don’t regularly work on specific bicep-isolating exercises, your biceps will be developed by other movements you intended for other muscles. For example, the pulling motion of rowing will work your biceps when you perhaps use it fundamentally for a back workout session.


One suggestion is to pay attention to the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles. Your brachialis muscle is located in your upper arm and flexes the elbow joint. The biceps brachii is not the strongest flexor in your forearm. This is where the brachialis comes in as it is closer to the joint axis and lies deeper than the biceps brachii. To develop the brachialis, you should perform curls with your palm facing down.

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A good place to start is to look at adjusting the width of your grip and the angle of your lift when curling. When performing barbell curls, use a wider grip if it is your inner arm that is lacking. When performing a bicep curl the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles bear the brunt in controlling the raising and lowering.


If you’re looking to develop the thickness of your forearm for symmetry, the brachioradialis is located on the lower end of the humerus and travels the length of the forearm. To exercise this muscle, focus on dumbbell hammer curls, reverse barbell curls and reverse preacher curls. The reverse preacher curl is another example of reaping the benefits of a wider grip when curling.

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Chris Appleton
Author & Editor
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Chris is an editor and a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, with a BA honours degree in Sports Coaching and Development, and a level 3 qualification in Sports Nutrition. He has experience providing fitness classes and programs for beginners and advanced levels of clients and sports athletes. Chris is also a qualified football coach, delivering high-level goalkeeping and fitness training at a semi-professional level, with nutritional advice to help maintain optimal performance. His experience in the sports and fitness industry spans 15 years and is continuously looking to improve. In his spare time, Chris likes to dedicate it to his family while training in the gym.