Stocking Fillers For Gym Fanatics

Written by Jack Boardman

Fitness Stocking Fillers For Gym Fanatics

If you’re looking for Christmas stocking fillers for a gym-obsessed loved one, inspiration can be hard to come by.

For someone with a serious exercise regimen the gym and all things health and fitness can limit free time for much else before and after the daily life of work. Bodybuilding and hardcore training can mean an entire lifestyle adjustment, hitting the gym regularly and closely watching what they eat. It might also mean they have little time for much outside the gym. Not to say all weightlifters are recluses or of one-track minds, but when it comes to buying presents, there might not be a lot on your list of present ideas if their main focus is health and exercise.

Worry not. When it comes to stocking fillers for gym addicts there are many gift ideas that are sure to be welcomed on Christmas morning.


Gym accessories could make the perfect stocking fillers for gym-goers who didn’t even realise they needed them. Before you go thinking that they might not need them or maybe have them already, high quality and fresh gear is always necessary for the committed bodybuilder.

Think of it this way: gym accessories, be it protective, supportive or for nutritional purposes goes through a pretty rigorous workout of its own upon each session.

In terms of nutrition, a quality protein shaker or water bottle is a great idea as they are likely used on a daily basis, if not more, and for hygiene purposes an athlete can therefore never really have enough.

When it comes to protective and supportive accessories in the gym they go through all the wear and tear that your beloved gym rat is hoping to avoid. So if they don’t already have such equipment, you are most certainly doing them a favour by wrapping one for Christmas morning.


To begin, if they’re regularly lifting, liquid chalk provides an improved grip that makes a considerable different when lifting. By having a better grip on a dumbbell or barbell, more focus can be placed on technique without the fear of sweat affecting the hold while under strain. For further protection, many weight lifters opt for padded lifting straps. The padding provides extra comfort and an improved grip.

For use in and out of the gym, headphones are a perfect stocking filler, but when it comes to workouts, for many, music is essential for motivation.

R&B Workout Playlist

A weightlifting belt is essential for all bodybuilders. Whether the recipient is a heavy weightlifter or not, when doing any kind of lifting in the gym a belt provides support to the back and core. Without which, serious injuries to the back and posture could become an issue.

Wrist wraps are worn by many to provide comfort and support to the wrists while reducing the risk of sprains. Equally, knees wraps are important when partaking in heavy squatting and leg-building exercises.

quads foam roller

For recovery, a foam roller is the ideal tool for physiotherapy, pilates, yoga, fitness and rehabilitation. After intense weight lifting sessions, muscles will require some TLC, for which a foam roller is perfect for massaging lean tissue while improving balance, stabilisation and core strength before and after a workout.

With all of the above, if that loved one has been neglecting to use the above, they should be grateful of the gains they achieve as a result of your generous Christmas stocking fillers.

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