How To Stay Motivated During Winter | 5 Top Tips

Written by Veronica Chu

Stay Motivated

 November is fast upon us, and although we had a few unusually warm weeks of sunshine in September, I think most of us Brits have come to accept that the Great British Winter is coming soon. When we’re all wrapped up in multiple layers of clothing, it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning in the bitter cold, and cravings for chocolate and warming home comfort foods take over our minds, it’s hard to stay motivated to continue working on our fitness goals. What’s the point of having abs if no-one can see them eh? But as the saying goes ‘Summer bodies are made in winter.’


This article shares some advice about how to stay motivated during the winter months, so that by next summer you’ll be summer body ready!

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#5 Set Yourself New Goals


Set yourself new fitness goals and write them down. It’s a good idea to continually refresh your goals so that you stay driven and have something new to work towards; this in turn can refresh your training sessions if you’re feeling bored. There’s nothing worse than walking into the gym with no set exercise program in your mind, as usually this means either you’ll wander around aimlessly or you’ll have a mediocre workout.

As an example, plenty of people using the winter months as ‘bulking season’, with not many people noticing the extra fat gains that will result because of the calorie surplus needed to optimally gain muscle. Use the extra foods to fuel beastly workouts! Personally, I embrace the winter months as a time to pack on some good quality muscle and increase my strength in the gym.

#2 Preparation


Invest in some warm gym clothes, pack your gym bag, prepare your pre and post workout food ahead of time.

This goes for any time of year, but especially in winter – give yourself no excuses to miss a workout! I invest in warm clothes to travel to the gym to, and if i’m training in the morning I set my alarm earlier as I know it is harder for me to wake up in winter.

#3 Use The Cold As Extra Motivation


This may sound like a silly reason, but I use the cold weather as extra motivation to hit the gym. The reasoning behind it is that it is simply too cold to stay still and in the house, get to the gym and get a killer workout in and you’ll be warm in no time! Extra muscle also raises your natural body temperature and gives you an extra layer of insulation.

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#4 Try New Recipes


Yes, we all crave warming home comfort foods during the cold winter months. However, this doesn’t have to be unhealthy foods. I love to experiment with new recipes in winter, creating more healthy versions of the classic favourites such as stews and soups. Even the Christmas dinner can be made healthier!

#5 Think Ahead To Stay On Track


You can’t expect to begin training 4 weeks before your holiday and achieve your dream body; the best physiques are built through years and years of hard work. Plan your annual goals and this will help keep you dedicated to your training plans through the winter months. For example, set yourself a target weight for next year, or a specific exercise goal you want to achieve. My goal for 2016 was to hit a 100kg squat with good form, and I’m not stopping training anytime soon in order to hit that goal.

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