Lack of Self-Motivation? | 5 Lies You Tell Yourself To Justify Skipping The Gym

Do you find yourself going through phases of being either 100% focused or… not bothered whatsoever?

Don’t worry – it’s totally normal. Well – it may not be normal but a lot of us seem to replicate the same actions!

Even to the point where we all start making up the same excuses to dodge getting out of house and down to the gym.

Have you used these 5 excuses before to avoid moving off the sofa?…

#1: You haven’t enough time to fit in a workout

This is a tried and trusted excuse for skipping a training session and I think everyone has used it at least once.

However, more often than not it is possible to make time for our priorities. There has been many times in the past I have used this excuse only to spend two hours watching my favourite TV programs later that night.

Fitness - lack of self motivation skipping the gym

Is there anything wrong with watching the soaps?

No, but at the same time I could have fit in a pretty decent training session and caught Eastenders if I had made training a non-negotiable part of my schedule.

Workouts don’t have to be hours long or time consuming to be effective, if you up the intensity you can have a great workout in a short period of time, you could even do an at home workout while the soaps are on in front of you!

#2: I can’t afford a gym membership…
or it’s cheap enough to justify not going!

Nowadays, there are so many workouts online that you can have a really good workout at home or outdoors if you can’t afford to join a gym. You can also make use of the great outdoors if you want to add some variety, hit the park to do some chin ups off the monkey bars at the playground, do some hill sprints and plyometric type workouts on the grass.

Fitness - lack of self motivation skipping the gym

The beach is also great for working up a sweat and the sand makes sprints tougher. You can also pick up some really cheap and effective exercise equipment that won’t take up a lot of space at home, is easy to use and carry around if you decide to use it outdoors –  such as resistance bands.

#3: It’s too uncomfortable to train

Sometimes training is uncomfortable, especially if you have changed up your programme recently and have some muscle soreness the next few days.

This should not put you off exercise though, and by taking steps to ensure you are not over-training and allowing sufficient recovery time with ample food and sleep, you will be able to keep any discomfort to a minimum.

Fitness - lack of self motivation skipping the gym

Ensure your protein intake is adequate to promote recovery after your training sessions and also make sure you keep hydrated during exercise.

If you are experiencing pain rather than discomfort during a training session, you may be doing something wrong. Over time, you will get to know what is normal discomfort as opposed to pain, which may indicate an injury.

Pay attention to your body and take heed if something does not feel right.

#4: I will gain too much muscle

This is probably the most common misconception that surrounds ladies and weight training and always makes me smile as it really is not that easy to put on muscle as a lady at all.

Fitness - lack of self motivation skipping the gym

To put on a significant amount takes a lot of specific hard work and dedication over a very long period of time.

In fact, muscle actually creates a slimmer look, with curves in all the right places as muscle takes up less space than fat, and also is metabolically active which means it will burn calories even at rest, which fat does not. Muscle is our friend ladies!

#5: I’m ashamed of how I look

Everyone was a beginner at one point, and I can totally sympathise with this excuse as I have used it myself in the past.

This is not a reason to put off exercising though, as taking action will only make things better for you, regarding both your health and appearance.

Fitness - lack of self motivation skipping the gym

The majority of people will be too concerned with how they look themselves to pay any attention to you, and if they do have anything negative to say, their opinion should be worth nothing to you anyway.
If you are conscious about not knowing how to use a piece of equipment or perform an exercise correctly, most gym staff will be more than happy to take you under their wing and give you some pointers.

If you are not in a gym, there are some really good resources online on how to perform exercises correctly, or you can even visit your local library and borrow some books on training.

Take Home Message

Don’t let yourself miss out on all the benefits exercise has to offer you because of these excuses. You are doing this for you and nobody else so be proud of the steps you are taking!

The sooner you start the sooner you will reach your goals!

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