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By Laura Ciotte


Resistance bands are a great way to continue training on holiday, as they are light enough to take with you but provide an amazing amount of resistance. You can also apply the principle of progressive overload, as the bands come in different sizes!


Resistance bands are also a great alternative if you have achey joints, as they minimise the strain on them whilst still keeping the resistance on the target muscle! We love a good resistance band training and wanted to share one with you.



Full Body Workout With Resistance Bands

(make sure to warm up and cool down adequately)






1)  Deadlift (3 sets of 12 reps)

2)  Push-ups (4 sets of 8 reps)

3)  Bent over rows (3 sets of 10 reps)

4)  Plank (3 sets of 45 seconds)

5)  Squat press(3 sets of 10 reps)

6)  Tricep dips (3 sets of 12 reps)

7)   Band rows (4 sets of 8)

8!)   Jack knife sit-ups (4 sets of 8)




Works most of the muscles in the body with a particular focus on the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes and lower back).


Push ups:

Hits the chest, shoulders and triceps. Can be done with bodyweight or a resistance band. Can be used for more advanced lifters.


Bent over rows:

Strengthens the back and the rear deltoids (shoulders).



Works the core muscles, recruits the majority of the bodes muscles as stabilisers.


Squat press:

Targets the quads, glutes and hamstrings whilst the push hits the shoulders.


Tricep dips:

A great bodyweight exercise that can be performed almost anywhere! Hits the triceps (muscles at the back of the upper arm).


Band rows:

Similar to a seated cable row, targets the back muscles.!


Jack knife sit-ups:

A real challenging one! Strengthens the core ‘six pack’ muscles.


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