Post-Workout Recovery | 8 Things You Should Do After Every Workout

Get the most out of your workouts by following this post-workout routine.

Make sure you’re progressing with these things you should be doing after EVERY workout.

#1 Cool Down

As soon as you finish that last rep or that last mile, you need to cool down. The cool down seems to be overlooked a lot, but you should incorporate a 5 minute cool down into every workout.

Your heart rate will reduce and your body will cool anyway, though if you just sit down straight away you’ll stiffen up.

Therefore, it’s important to keep moving and cool down slowly to allow your body to bring your workout to a close.

#2 Drink Water

You should be doing this during your workout too, as hydration is a crucial element of any workout routine.

It is especially important post-workout to help you recover – after sweating it out you need to replenish your stocks!

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#3 Stretch


Much like the cool down, this is a much-needed post workout essential, that most people seem reluctant to do.

Simply set aside 5-10 minutes post workout to stretch out those areas you worked. You can even incorporate it into your cool down – two birds one stone!

#4 Shower

A pretty obvious, but important, thing to do post-workout.

If your muscles are really sore, blast them with a bit of cold water (to prevent inflammation) and then soothe your aching muscles with warm water.

#5 Consume Protein

When we workout we create micro tears in our muscles and when they repair they grow a little bit more. Our muscles are made of protein, so they require the same stuff to build them back up again. This is why you’ll see gym buffs gulping down a protein shake post-workout.

Yes you can get our protein from other, natural sources, but a protein shake is an effective way of getting more in, quicker – and the quicker after a workout you get it in, the better. If a protein shake isn’t for you, try a big BCAA squash – full of amino acids (the building blocks of protein).

#6 Reflect and Track Progress

Whether you use an app to log your progress or simply jot down your weights and reps in a notebook, tracking your progress is an effective way of making sure you’re progressing every time!

#7 Compression

Some people swear by compression garments as a crucial aspect of post-workout recovery.

Compression wear is designed to help reduce toxins in the muscle, improve circulation, and aid recovery.

If you’re someone who suffers from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) a lot, it may be worth the investment!

#8 Foam Roll

Foam rolling. Yes, it’ll hurt, but it will benefit in the long run!

Foam rolling works in the same way as a massage does, it works out any ‘kinks’ or knots that you may have, and help soothe tired, worked muscles after a workout.

Take Home Message

A post-workout regime is just as helpful as the workout itself.

Ensure to utilise some or all of these points to make the most of your training!


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