Owen Harrison’s Bicep Blowout Workout

When it comes to training biceps I always find full extension and a full range of movement work the best. I always stretch the bicep right out when with any curling movement, too many people putting ridiculous weight on the bar or using heavy dumbbells and not getting the full contraction.

Pre Workout Nutrition

I use MYPRE before every workout, this give med the energy to really push on through, especially if I am training fasted MYPRE is a big help for my energy levels.


Intra Workout Boost

I always consume iBCAA during my workout, thus again gives me the extra energy when working out, also a big help with met recovery. I always feel if I don’t have my iBCAA Intra workout my body seems to be a bit lethargic when I’m training. Also, a must when I’m training fasted.

Post workout Recovery

Impact whey protein and L Glutamine for recovery, nothing better than coming home to some chocolate banana impact whey after a heavy session.

Exercise 1 – Barbell Curl

Owen Bicep Barbel Curl

Always aim for a 3 to 4 second eccentric contraction (negative repetition); keeping the bicep under tension is primary goal when completing this exercise.

Exercise 2 – Dumbbell Curl Incline Bench

Owen Bicep Dumbbel Curl Incline

With this curl I always place my little finger against the inner plate of the dumbbell, this will place more strain on the short head of the bicep, I then complete a half rep and then a full rep, both of them reps are classed as 1 repetition, remember to always fully extend the bicep in the eccentric part of the contraction. You’re aiming for 3 to 4 second negative repetitions but your biceps will be under immense pressure by the 8th to 10th rep so please feel free to chuck in some fail reps if needed.

Exercise 3 – Preacher Dumbbell Curl (Angled Out)

Preacher Inside Curl

With this curl we angle the dumbbell out to place more strain on the long head of the bicep, remember to always fully extend the bicep in the eccentric part of the contraction. You’re aiming for 3 to 4 second eccentric contractions.

Exercise 4 – Preacher Dumbbell Curl (Angled In)

Preacher Outside Curl Side

Again with this exercise we angle the dumbbell in the place more strain on the short head on the bicep. Remember to fully extend the bicep for full range of movement. Again tempo will be key for this exercise.

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