NFL London 2017 | What You Need to Know

 NFL Meets London

Whether or not you have tickets to Wembley or Twickenham, the infectious NFL bug is here. You can feel it. The international series is one of the biggest sporting events all year round, even compared to traditions like the tennis, athletics, rugby or good old English football.


It’s about NFL fever, so in this article, we’ll be joining in with the Yanks and referring to it as football. The game where you kick the ball with your feet? That’s soccer.


First of all, let’s get you up to speed. The first games from across the pond on our sand was in 2007. This season there will be more games here than ever before. The line-up looks like this:

New Orleans vs. Miami Dolphins
October 1. Wembley Stadium
The Dolphins won nine of their final 11 games last season, with many tipping the Dolphins as a 2017 playoff team. As for the Saints, scroll down to see just a few of the NFL’s leading players they’ll be bringing with them.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams
October 22. Twickenham Stadium
The Cardinals are bringing serious stars with them. While the Rams don’t have huge bragging rights, the Cardinals are considered the 11th best team in the NFL.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
September 24. Wembley Stadium
Despite not making the cut for the past few seasons, the Ravens were the Super Bowl winner as recent as 2012. While stats don’t look kindly upon the Jaguars, they have performed better in London in the past four years than elsewhere.


Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns
October 29. Twickenham Stadium
Okay, so this game may not have the eyes of the world on it. The Cleveland Browns are presently tied bottom in the NFL and the Vikings are lacking in real star power, but to see some true modern day greats play the game, just take a list at who you can expect to see on the field.

Which of the top players will be there?
Of the NFL’s top 100 players, as annually voted for by all NFL players, UK fans are in for a treat this year. Sure, you’ll already be watching, maybe even going, but the cherry on top is the great line-up you’ll get to witness in action. This includes:

David Johnson, Cardinals
– Ranked no.12
– Led in scrimmage yards in 2016 with a might 2,118 yards and if you’re hoping to see a touchdown or ten, Johnson led with a staggering 20 last season.

Aaron Donald, Rams
– Ranked no.15
– – In 2016, he led with 31 quarterback hits.

Drew Brees, Saints
– Ranked no.16
– Led in completion pct in 2016.


Think that’s all? Guess again. As well as these NFL leaders, you can also expect to see the following top 100 players here on UK soil:

Patrick Peterson, Cardinals
– Ranked no.19

Joe Thomas, Browns
– Ranked no.25

Jarvis Landry, Dolphins
– Ranked no.42

Marshal Yanda, Ravens
– Ranked no. 43

Ndamukong Suh, Dolphins
– Ranked no. 55

Cameron Wake, Dolphins
– Ranked no. 62

Xavier Rhodes, Vikings
– Ranked no. 66

Jay Ajayi, Dolphins
– Ranked no. 69

Harrison Smith, Vikings
– Ranked no. 74

Calais Campbell, Jaguars
– Ranked no. 83

Chandler Jones, Cardinals
– Ranked no. 85

Everson Griffen, Vikings
– Ranked no. 92

Adrian Peterson, Saints
– Ranked no. 98

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