Not Stuck To New Year’s Resolutions? | 8 Things Preventing Your Success

It can be hard to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, especially a few weeks into January when your motivation levels may begin to dip.

Did you make the following mistakes that prevented you from keeping consistent and hitting goals this month? It’s easy to put pressure on yourself to get back on track after the holidays – but it can be easily fixed going into the rest of the year!

#1 Setting the bar too high

Your own expectations can be your worst enemy. Results don’t happen overnight, and you have to be patient and consistent over time to see big changes. By sticking things out even when the going gets tough you will get the results you want, but it will take hard work and not just two weeks of training hard.

✓ Make some goals, and ensure they are realistic and achievable in a time frame that you set yourself to ensure you do not become disheartened due to setting standards that were not very achievable to start with.

Setting both short term and long term goals can be useful in this regard, and keeping a training diary can help to keep you accountable.

#2 Not making a commitment

When you are planning out your training, make sure it fits into your lifestyle. If you work 12 hour shifts, it might not be a good plan to schedule in twice a day sessions for days you are in work.

Not Stuck To New Year Resolutions? | 8 Things Preventing Your Success

It can also be a good idea to have a plan B for any days you can’t make it to the gym.

At home, workouts can be a super effective way to burn some serious calories, and there are plenty online that you can try out for free.

Don’t beat yourself up if you have to miss a session or two, you will have occasions when life gets in the way but if your consistent the rest of the time you will still get results!

#3 Over-doing it

It can be really tempting to go hell for leather with a new workout routine. If you are a beginner, make sure you choose a workout programme suitable for your level. This will mean you will train effectively without any injuries occurring and minimal discomfort. You should also build up your training gradually rather than increasing your training volume dramatically all at once.

There is no benefit from being too sore to train at the following workout at the level required to get results.

✓ You need to find that balance between training hard enough but not over doing it to the point of diminished returns!

When things begin to feel too easy, then it’s time to make it tougher, especially as a beginner!

#4 Not making exercise a habit

When you make training a part of your normal routine, it becomes just as easy to stick to as brushing your teeth.

Not Stuck To New Year Resolutions? | 8 Things Preventing Your Success

By being consistent and fitting in your workouts frequently at a time that suits you as much as possible, before you know it your training sessions will become one of the best habits you have ever developed!

#5 Not being in the now

Move on from any mishaps or missed sessions you have had and live in the now rather than dwelling on perceived failures. Don’t use a missed session as an excuse to be missing in action for two weeks, and similarly, don’t let a binge be an excuse to go off the rails on your food for a month.

Simply let go and move on. It’s fine to miss sessions and go off your diet plan, but don’t use times like these as an excuse to give up altogether!

One bad meal won’t ruin your progress; a month of them will set you back though!

#6 Not mixing up your routine

Take some time out to look up new recipes that will fit your diet plans and help you reach your goals. There are plenty of recipes online and on apps that you can test out and add some variety to your diet.

Not Stuck To New Year Resolutions? | 8 Things Preventing Your Success

The same applies with your workout routine. Aim to switch things up every month to six weeks when possible to keep things interesting and ensure that you will get the best results possible from the effort you put in!

Take Home Message

Try out some of these tips to help you stay motivated and on track as January comes to end.

Enter the rest of the year with a focused mind to achieve your goals!



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