NEW IN | June 2016 | Foam Roller, Resistance Bands & More!


Welcome to our overview of what’s new to Myprotein

June has been an incredible month for us – launching our brand new range of fitness equipment!  Plus a tasty little extra…


Introducing | Deluxe Skipping Rope

A superb addition to your everyday gym and home workouts


Our brand new Deluxe Skipping Rope is a great tool to be used anywhere – whether you’re in the gym, at home, on holiday or in the park!

? Convenient piece of equipment for helping to improve cardiovascular fitness alongside speed and co-ordination.

? Safe and secure handles for a firm grip.

Introducing | Recovery Ball

Designed to help relax your muscles and drive myofascial release


Our Recovery Ball is ideal for massaging out those niggling knots after a few straining sessions in the gym.

? Perfect for everyday self-therapy.

? Pop in your gym bag, handbag or in the drawer! Portable for home and travel use.

Introducing | Push-up Slides

Enables you to stretch laterally, training your core, chest, shoulders & back


Our Push-Up Slides are great additions to your normal push-ups – adding intensity to help boost strength!

? Rubberised, secure hand grips

? Helps to add intensity to increase strength gains. Also great for toning!

Introducing | Grip Strengthener

Perfect for increasing hand, wrist and forearm muscularity


Myprotein’s Quick Adjust Grip Strengtheneis perfect for helping to develop forehand strength

? Great for treating injuries and rehabilitation exercises.

Warming up grip strength and grip before workouts.

Introducing | Muscle Roller

Designed training aid ideal for warm-up and recovery


It’s here! You asked, we created! Foam rollers are excellent pieces of equipment that can beneficial for both warming up and cooling down to real stretch out the muscles after a hard training session.

Self myofascial release anywhere, anytime on your travels

All training abilities from – beginners to elites!

Introducing | Slimmer Belt

Designed to accelerate the benefits of your regular workouts


Our brand new Slimmer Belt is the latest addition to our ever-growing exclusive gym accessory range to help you reach those all important goals.

Aerobic conditioning; flattening and toning abs and back support

All training abilities from – beginners to elites!

Introducing | Pilates Stretch Bands

Great for stretching and increasing range of motion


Increase your range of motion with our Pilates Stretch Bands! These are convenient yet effective accessories to be used as an rehabilitation exercise tool!

Great for stretching and increasing range of motion.

Made from eco-friendly 100% latex.

Introducing | Pilates Resistance Bands

Treating common conditions like tennis elbow & sprained ankles


Our Resistance Bands are one of the popular pieces of fitness equipment, used to enhance training sessions in endless ways!

? Perfect for helping to treat common conditions like tennis elbow & sprained ankles.

? Unlike weight machines, these tubes allow for strengthening exercises to be performed in functional, tempo controlled, sports related movements.

Introducing | Yoga Ball

Perfect for performing exercises targeting strength, core, co-ordination and balance



Our gripped Yoga Ball can be used for a range goals – whether you’re wanting to develop overall strength or use it for yoga and rehabilitation exercises.

Developing overall co-ordination and proprioception + overall strength and muscular endurance.

Rehabilitation exercises, Yoga aerobic exercises & circuit training.

Introducing | Aluminium Shaker

In the gym, at work, hiking on weekends, camping, cycling + more


Our innovative Aluminium Shaker holds an impressive 750ml of liquids! This superb everyday essential is lightweight, featuring an easy grip as well as a rubber seal to prevent all leaks and spills.

Mixing fluids and juices to stay hydrated.

In the gym, at work, hiking on weekends, camping, cycling and more!

Introducing | New Flavour Protein Wafers

Tasty new flavours of our best-selling Protein Wafers!


Yes we did! You LOVE our Protein Wafers – so we’ve ADDED MORE FLAVOURS! Enjoy our delicious snacks now in the below flavours:

? Peanut Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut or Cookies & Cream!

15g protein per serving + 60% less sugar and 20% less fat than standard supermarket wafer!


MYSUMMER | The Complete Weight Loss Guide

#TEAMMYP have been working hard to create MYSUMMER |
Summer Weight Loss Guide 2016
. It provides all the nutritional and workout information you’ll need to really transform yourself this Summer!

Indulges in recipes, try our guided workouts and get motivated with our completely free guide!


Keep your eyes peeled…

Make sure to check back for more innovative, exciting products!







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