Never Skip Leg Day | Mix Up Your Workout

Written by Jamie Bantleman

Try A New Leg Day, You Wont Regret it!

Here is an example of 3 different training programmes that are based around:


#1 Strength

#2 Hypertrophy

#3 Sport Specific

leg press

Leg Strength Programme
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Barbell Back Squat 5 4-6 60s
A2 Lying Leg Curl 5 4-6 120s
B1 Romanian Deadlift 4 6-8 30s
B2 Feet High & Wide Leg Press 4 6-8 90s
C1 Barbell Long Range Walking Lunge 3 15m 10s
C2 Banded Leg Extension 3 10 60s

hamstring curl


Leg Hypertrophy Programme
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Romanian Deadlift 5 8-10 10s
A2 Reverse Hack Squat 5 10-12 10s
A3 Banded Leg Press 5 15-20 120s
B1 Barbell 1 & 1/4 Squat 5 8-10 10s
B2 Banded Leg Extension Isometric Hold 5 30s 0s
B3 Leg Extension 5 20 120s
C1 Seated Calf Raise 3 12 10s
C2 Seated Calf Press 3 20 10s
C3 Standing Calf Raise 3 25 30s


Leg Sport Specific Programme
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Barbell Front Squat 5 6 60s
A2 Glute Ham Raise 5 6 60s
B1 Barbell Hip Bridge 4 12 10s
B2 Lying Leg Curl 4 12 10s
B3 Banded Leg Press 4 12 120s
C1 Wide Stance 1 & 1/4 Squat 3 10 0s
C2 Barbell Isometric Squat Hold 3 30s 10s
C3 Barbell Walking Lunge 3 15m 10s
C4 Vertical Jumps 3 30s 120s

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