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Myles Leask | Everything You Need To Know

Myles Leask

Myles’ enthusiasm towards fitness began at the age of 6, playing rugby throughout childhood and successively playing rugby at a high level up until the age of 19. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the game, Myles was tackled, causing a long-term injury. However, this didn’t stop Myles’ passion towards fitness, weightlifting quickly became an addiction, resulting in a modelling career. Myles recently visited the Myprotein HQ, luckily we had the chance to catch-up with Myles and discover his top fitness, nutrition and supplement tips.

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When and where did your fitness journey begin?


I guess you could say that I have always been involved in fitness, from a very young age I was playing rugby and practising martial arts. Although the real journey started when I was 18 when I began really hitting the gym, I fell in love with it and I haven’t looked back since!

Is your family sport orientated?


My father was the one that encouraged me to take up martial arts at the age of 6 but other than that me and my siblings were very much left to our own devices to partake in whatever peaked out interest.

Would you say nutrition or training is more important?


To me, they go hand in hand but if you look at it from a very base view, nutrition is the most essential as you can live without training but you can’t live without nutrition. But almost anything is possible when you get those both in check along with your mindset.

On a typical training day, what is your nutrition plan from pre, during and post-workout?


Monday to Friday my meals are prepared for me by a company, allowing me to focus on other things. I snack on a few different items from Myprotein to keep me going and to help kerb cravings. At the moment I’m low key addicted to Baked Cookies, I microwave them for 30 seconds, they are insane!
MorningAlpha Male, Thermopure Extreme, Vitamin C, CLA
Pre-WorkoutPulse Gel
Intra-Workout BCAA
Pre BedZMA

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Have you ever had an injury – if so how did you recover?


Yes! I suffered a serious shoulder injury when I was younger which took a lot of rehabilitation and time off! When it comes to injuries you have to be patient and listen to the specialists and take your ego out of the equation, you can quite easily prolong the injury by not doing as you’re told! I’m currently dealing with some soft tissue damage in my other shoulder, so I’m currently seeing a chiropractor and having laser treatment to expedite the healing. In the meantime, I will be resting my upper body and just focusing on cardio and legs!

What is your favourite Myprotein snack/shake/supp?


Snack is either Baked Cookies or the Protein Wafers! And in terms of shakes, I either use Pro milk when I’m on the go as they are ready to drink so I can just throw them in my bag or I use the new Thewhey, tastes insane and the macros are great!

If you could give one tip to new gym go-ers what would it be?


My one tip to newcomers would be to be consistent, as long as you have the right workout and diet in place all you have to do is make sure you’re getting it done day in, day out. Too many people quit right before they would start seeing results, just be consistent and the results will come.

A wardrobe full of gym-wear but what is your favourite Myp item?



Ha, I wouldn’t say wardrobe, I’d say entire spare room at this point! But it’s a damn tough question as every time a new range gets released I fall in love with it, I’m still crazy about the Seamless range, the fit is just incredible! However, the new Superlite range is a game changer!

What is your favourite workout phase? Legs/chest?


For me I have two modes, I love shoulders because the pump is insane and always makes me feel great, but it’s my safe option (when they aren’t injured). But then I love legs because it’s challenging and always a tough workout!

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Do you feel as though your workout routine and nutrition plans put a strain on your social life?


No not at all, it’s all about balance and making smart choices! So if I’m going to have a night out or a meal I make sure to put the extra work in at the gym or drop calories elsewhere to make up for it! As long as you’re honest and accountable with yourself the odd night out or meal with friends shouldn’t be a problem.

What’s your favourite cheat meal?


For me, it’s always a giant burger and a couple of Krispy Kremes, they cannot be beaten!!

Do you count your macros? Or are you fairly flexible with your diet?


I track them most of the year and just listen to my body and respond. But when it comes to big shoots or expos I tighten things up a couple of weeks out.

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