Make The Most Of Summer After Work

Written by Charlotte Campbell

Make The Most Of Summer

Extra sunlight and warmer evenings mean you can squeeze every last drop from your summer nights. Gone are the cravings to curl up with a box set. Now, it’s all about seizing your free time to become healthier and happier.


Getting exposure to the sun is very good for your overall health. As well as giving you doses of vitamin D, the sun has many links with happiness and feelings of well-being. Even those of us that aren’t affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can certainly agree it’s a lot harder to be miserable when the weather is great.


In addition, the more time you spend outdoors, the more fresh air you will get in your lungs. Air conditioning and central heating can mess with the air we breathe inside. Give your airways a detox with some outdoors oxygen.  So make the most of your extra daylight in the evenings and maximise your summer.


Make Your Work Journey Part of Your Workout


Now the weather is (for the most part) improving, get on your bike or footpath to work. You’ll burn extra calories every day AND help the environment. Live close to work anyway? Why not take an interesting route home? Live too far away? Take your bike on the train to get a few stops closer (check your advanced ticket though, as restrictions apply).

Join a Sport or Activity


A lot of physical activities incorporate more outdoor practice in the summer. Join a running club or your local sports team. You’ll make new friends, make the most of the sunlight AND get a different style of workout.

Outdoor specific sports such as open water swimming, paddle boarding or rowing often hold more beginners sessions at lighter times of the year, too.

Make the Park Your Gym


Find your local park or outdoor workout area. If there’s no specialist equipment, monkey bars make a great upper body workout area. Benches are perfect for your tricep dips and hardcore push ups. Alternatively, you can lay a mat on the grass to get your core exercises in action. Sit ups, Russian twists and plank variations will all seem a little sweeter in the sunshine.


BBQ Your Meal Prep


Just because it’s meal prep day doesn’t mean you’re chained to the kitchen. Crack out your BBQ and cook off your protein outdoors. Chicken breast, lean mince burgers and turkey steaks all taste incredible with that BBQ charcoal taste. You can also BBQ your veggies – peppers, sweetcorn and aubergine all taste great and keep well the next day.

Consider Flexitime


To really make the most of your evenings, see if your workplace offers a flexitime scheme. Going in an hour earlier to get an early finish would give most people lots of time to get active. You could plan a quick hike in a pretty rural spot, or do some urban exploring.

Get a Decent Sleep


The more you do physically, the better your chances are of a full and deep sleep. Make sure you give yourself time to wind down and recharge for your next day of activities. Your body will thank you!

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