Looking To Build Your Legs? | Top Workouts For Wearing Shorts

Workouts For Wearing Shorts

If you were looking to build your legs, or a specific lower body muscle group, you could have selected one of our blogs on top tips for hamstring development or monster quads. Given that you’ve been lured in by this title, chances are the weather means you have the opportunity to wear shorts and you have to acknowledge that you’ve been skipping leg day.

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Did Someone Say Chicken Legs?


Working out should, of course, be all about self-esteem, making and achieving goals as well as health and fitness, so if you’ve approached this in the negative, make a revision or two: this is an opportunity. If you’ve taken the first step by admitting you’ve been neglecting lower body workouts, now is the time to rectify that and reap the benefits of overall strength training, which, as it happens, will also make you a little more symmetrical, a little less Johnny Bravo, and stronger all over as a result of developing your legs.


Rather than give you a list for your to blindly follow, let’s break up the workout into different areas so you can know what you’re addressing.

Calf Muscles


These are at the top of the list because whether you’re in long or short shorts, these (after your ankles) will give the impression of how underdeveloped your legs will appear.


Standing and seated calf raises are your number one stop, but you mustn’t neglect single leg workouts, which will ensure both calf muscles are getting the same workout (and so that one isn’t bigger than the other).


Begin a workout with five sets of five reps of a heavier weight and end your session with three sets of 20-15 of a lower weight. Because your calf muscles are relatively small they will respond to higher frequency training. Some recommend that if you’re looking to develop bigger calf muscles, you can train them every day for the first fortnight, and then cut down to three times a week to keep them pumped.

Thighs And Hamstrings


Developing your quads will give a rounded trunk-like impression to your legs. If you have lanky legs, knobbly knees, working on leg extensions will build the muscle around the knee caps as well as build monstrous thighs, again adding to your overall symmetry if you’re broad shouldered.


You should focus on these in two ways. The first is isolating exercises. Leg extensions at the start of your workout will pre-exhaust your quads. You should also end your workout by isolating your quads with higher reps of a moderate to low weight. (3-5 sets of 8-15 reps).


This same method may be applied to your hamstrings with leg curls to isolate them. The other, arguably most effective way to develop your quads is via compound lifts, which call on several muscle groups and joints all working together in order to cope with greater volumes.


For results, squats and deadlifts are your go to exercise. We recommend that you alternate volume and reps weeks, focusing one week on lower reps and higher weights and then, the week after a higher number of reps at a lighter weight.


It doesn’t matter what you wear to actually do these exercises, though many would recommend that when it’s leg day in the gym, shorts will give you a free range of movement. Better yet, many pro lifters recommend compression clothing, which has been proven to assist recovery.

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