Learn The Benefits Of Resistance Bands

Written by Akesha Smith

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands come in many shapes, sizes and levels of difficulty and have quickly earned their position as being a vital piece of equipment that more people should adopt into their workout plan. The bands can be used for making stretching easier and, with the use of your own body, help make certain exercises a real challenge. The diversity of these wonder bands is beyond desirable. They come in handy, if or when you don’t have a gym accessible to you.


Resistance bands come in three different types, which Myprotein stock. First are the normal resistance band loops, that many people use for a number of exercises. For example, you can do the crab walk and squats with the added difficulty of resistance bands!

Resistance Band Training

The second type is the pilates stretch bands. As it says in the name, these are used in pilates, however, these bands can be used to help you at home and assist you in your stretch workouts. These bands can help you become more flexible by making your regular stretches hard, or in turn, make the stretches easier if you are having trouble with some stretch movements.


The third option is resistance tubes. These tubes are particularly handy as they come with handles that can be hooked around your ankles to assist you in many floor exercises or they can be used to do the bicep curl exercise. The tubing bands are very strong and can be used to tie around poles or fences when doing a variety of leg exercises.


Overall, resistance bands are an all-around winner, many people dismiss the benefits of even including simple bodyweight exercises that help condition the body. These bands help add more to the boring body weight exercises and give you just as much of a workout as you would get in the gym.


The bands do more than just increasing your flexibility and increase or take the strain of some exercises or stretches. They are adjustable, portable and inexpensive, they help work just about every muscle in your body, they come in handy for recovery and injuries and create a variety of exercises which are easily attained!



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