Join Your Local Clubbercise & Reap The Benefits


Do you wish your nights out made you as fit as going to the gym? Clubbercise aims to combine the benefits of a full body workout with the fun of a night on the tiles. The classes have been soaring in popularity, with an estimated 80,000 “clubbers” working out this week.
If you need some motivation to step up your routine, or just need an injection of fun into your fitness plans, this could be the class for you.

90 dance workout playlist

Hey, Mr DJ


One of the keys to Clubbercise’s popularity is their playlist. Their music is chosen to create a party atmosphere, from 90s rave classics to modern dance hits. If you burned 100 calories for every time you thought “I love this song!” you’d be seriously fit in just one session.


You can incorporate the feel good vibes into your regular workout by overthrowing your tired playlist. Dig out your old CDs to add to your mp3 player, or find a pre made playlist online to get some inspiration.

I See You Baby


Clubbercise classes recreate the feel of a club night while you are working out. Some classes are even held in bars or nightclubs. Lighting is low, with disco balls and flashing lights threw in for good measure. This ensures, like on a night out, you can throw some serious shapes without feeling self-conscious.


However, neon workout clothes are actively encouraged. So, if you don’t mind standing out in the dark you can dig out your best day-glo for your next class.


Glow sticks are a popular addition to Clubbercise workouts. The 90s staple adds to the party vibe whilst encouraging the upper body and core workout that comes from waving them above your head.


If you want the fun lighting as part of your normal workouts, why not ask your normal class instructor if it’s something they would be willing to try? Obviously, if your workout is not class based your gym is unlikely to accommodate weights or cardio area with limited visibility! Alternatively, if it’s the clubbercise clothes that peak your interest, consider spicing up your gym wear with flashes of bright colour.

victoria spence playlist

Rhythm is a Dancer


The dance steps that create the routines are fairly simple, so all levels of a dancer can enjoy the workout. Often elements of street dance and jazz are included, too. Each class offers high and low impact aerobics options, so you can push yourself as far as you need to. Remember, if you have enough spare breath to sing along, you probably aren’t going hard enough.


The clubbercise team estimated attendees burn up to 600 calories an hour. This makes it a worthy addition to a fat burning regime.
You can add in some dance moves to your regular workout to boost the fun factor if you can’t get to a clubbercise class. Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care as part of your warm up. Or shimmy as you do your lunges or as you sink into your squats.
So, for a clubbing experience that leaves you toned, amused and hangover free, head to your local clubbercise class!


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