Insta Earnings Report – The World’s Most Influential Fitness and Sports Stars Ranked

In today’s world, many of us spend our spare time scrolling through social media and following people we aspire to be like. But how much is a follow or a like really worth?

Our influencer experts wanted to discover how much some of the biggest celebrity trainers and sports stars could earn from sponsored posts on Instagram.

We analysed the accounts of some of the world’s biggest influencers to create the Insta Earnings Report and ranked them on their follower count and potential earnings per post1, to reveal who stands to make the most from their post.

Top 30 Highest Earning Celebrity Trainers


Rank Influencer Name Social Handle Number of Insta Followers Amount They Could Earn Per Post Celebrity Clientele
1 Melissa Alcantara @fitgurlmel 1,000,000 £2,673 Kim Kardashian
2 Jeanette Jenkins @msjeanettejenkins 801,000 £3,038 Alicia Keys
3 Tracy Anderson @tracyandersonmethod 601,900 £2,280 Gwyneth Paltrow
4 Mary Helen Bowers @balletbeautiful 561,000 £2,127 Natalie Portman
5 Bradley Simmonds @Bradleysimmonds 416,700 £1,579 John Terry
6 Gunnar Peterson @gunnarfitness 365,100 £1,383 Khloe Kardashian
7 Luke Zocci @zocobodypro 309,100 £1,172 Chris Hemsworth
8 Simone De La Rue @bodybysimone 306,700 £1,161 Jennifer Garner
9 Don Saladino @donsaladino 290,600 £1,100 Blake Lively
10 Tony Horton @tonyshorton 249,600 £946 Usher
11 Anna Kaiser @theannakaiser 240,700 £912 Shakira
12 Patrick Nilsson @thepatricknilsson 227,700 £862 Justin Bieber
13 Harley Pasternak @harleypasternak 220,000 £833 Ariana Grande
14 Lou Ferrigno @theofficiallouferrigno 196,700 £749 Michael Jackson
15 Erin Oprea @erinoprea 181,000 £686 Carrie Underwood
16 Dave Rienzi @daverienzi 151,700 $863 Dwayne Johnson
17 Jonny Roxx @ovoroxx 135,900 £517 Drake
18 Joe Holder @ochosystem 121,500 £463 Bella Hadid
19 Don Brooks @donamatrixtraining 119,500 £452 Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian
20 Leyon Azubuike @leyonr 99,900 £509 Jennifer Anniston
21 Nicole Winhoffer @nicolewinhoffer 96,300 £486 Nicki Minaj
22 Amy Rosoff Davis @amyrosoffdavis 85,500 £431 Selena Gomez
23 David Kirsch @davidkirsch 76,500 £386 Kate Upton
24 Peter Lee Thomas @peterleethomas 64,400 £325 Halle Berry
25 Danny Musico @dannymusico 51,200 £259 Leonardo DiCaprio
26 Mark Jenkins @themarkjenkins 39,800 £252 P Diddy
27 David Buer @davidbuer 25,100 £159 Tyler Perry
28 Patrick Murphy @murphyfitness 22,600 £177 Zac Efron
29 Brian Nguyen @dragonmasterbri 14,800 £117 Mark Wahlberg

Cristiano Ronaldo could earn up to £6.7 million through Instagram

Whether you are looking for inspiration for fitness or performance, it’s no surprise that some of the world’s biggest sports stars are some of the most followed on Instagram. From their physique and diet to their training routines and unique skills, we are obsessed with the lives of famous athletes. 

When analysing which professional sports stars had the most followers, and therefore the most earning potential per post, our top three stars were all football players. The one and only Cristiano Ronaldo took first place.

The Portuguese football star is arguably one of the most influential football players and athletes in the world. And he has 236 million followers to back this up. According to our calculations, Ronaldo could earn up to £595,338 per post – with the earning potential of just over £7 million a year!

Coming up second is Argentinian football professional Lionel Messi. Messi is another football player who is well-known all around the world, captaining both Barcelona and Argentina FC. Messi harnesses over 162 million Instagram followers, which equates to a potential earning of £410,825 per post.

Making our top three most influential and highest-earning football stars on Instagram is Neymar Jr.  The Brazilian star is widely considered as one of the best players in the world and has 140 million followers. Because of this, Neymar could command up to £354,697 for a sponsored post.


Top 30 Highest Earning Sports Stars

Rank Influencer Name Social Handle Number of Insta Followers Amount They Could Earn Per Post Sport Known For
1 Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano 236,000,000 £595,338 Football
2 Lionel Messi @leomessi 162,700,000 £410,825 Football
3 Neymar @neymarjr 140,000,000 £354,697 Football
4 Virat Kohli @virat.kohli 73,000,000 £184,181 Cricket
5 LeBron James @kingjames 70,000,000 £176,900 Basketball
6 David Beckham @davidbeckham 70,000,000 £161,450 Football
7 Ronaldinho @ronaldinho 51,400,000 £129,983 Football
8 James Rodriguez @jamesrodriguez10 45,900,000 £116,127 Football
9 Marcelo Vieira Jr. @marcelotwelve 45,100,000 £113,972 Football
10 Zlatan Ibrahimović @iamzlatanibrahimovic 43,800,000 £110,645 Football
11 Gareth Bale @garethbale11 43,100,000 £109,023 Football
12 Kylian Mbappé @k.mbappe 42,300,000 £107,026 Football
13 Paul Pogba @paulpogba 41,500,000 £104,975 Football
14 Sergio Ramos @sergioramos 40,300,000 £101,858 Football
15 Mo Salah @mosalah 39,800,000 £100,671 Football
16 Paulo Dybala @paulodybala 39,600,000 £99,996 Football
17 Luis Suarez @luissuarez9 38,100,000 £96,311 Football
18 Karim Benzema @karimbenzema 35,300,000 £89,255 Football
19 Andres Iniesta @andresiniesta8 34,500,000 £87,149 Football
20 Dani Alves @danialves 31,500,000 £79,627 Football
21 Antoine Griezmann @antogriezmann 30,600,000 £77,308 Football
22 Eden Hazard @hazardeden_10 27,300,000 £69,150 Football
23 Zinedine Zidane @zidane 27,100,000 £68,596 Football
24 Sachin Tendulkar @sachintendulkar 25,400,000 £64,162 Cricket
25 Toni Kroos @toni.kr8s 25,100,000 £63,590 Cricket
26 Floyd Mayweather @floydmayweather 23,600,000 £59,807 Boxing
27 Philippe Coutinho @phil.coutinho 22,300,000 £56,538 Football
28 Mesut Özil @m10_official 22,000,000 £55,750 Football
29 Khabib Nurmagomedov @khabib_nurmagomedov 21,100,000 £53,409 MMA Fighting
30 Isco Alarcon Suarez @iscoalarcon 19,700,000 £49,988 Football


If these Instagram accounts packed full of fitness, sport and performance have inspired you to get moving, check out some of our favourite workout routines that you can practice in the comfort of your own home as well as in the gym!


We compiled a list of 60 of the biggest celebrity personal trainers and sports stars in the UK to find out how much they would be able to charge per Instagram post based on how many followers they have.

We then used Influencer Marketing Hub to calculate the earnings to calculate the per post earnings. To show yearly earnings we used their fee per post and calculated that across one year by with on average one paid post per month. 

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

Josh Hunt

Josh Hunt


Josh has been involved in sports since a young age. Josh has a passion for football, playing for his local team from the age of 6 years old. He has recently used this passion to help motivate himself to create his own football club, specifically for him and his co-workers. Throughout the years he has developed an interest in boxing and MMA, which he loves to watch regularly.

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