Improve Your Training Plan | Top 5 Exercises You Must Try

Written by Jamie Bantleman

How To Improve Your Training Plan:

#1 Face Pulls


Working the Rhomboids, Middle Trapezius, Teres Major and Infraspinatus this movement is key for shoulder health. While many of us spend hours upon hours either typing away at work or driving our cars we spend a lot of time with our shoulders rotating forwards. This then creates a lot of issues for the shoulder joint. As explained above, a face pull in your training programme can really aid the shoulder joint and improve posture and strength.

cable face pull

#2 Sissy Squats


Sissy Squats are an amazing exercise for improvement in both strength and definition of the Quadriceps. This is down to the fact that it is one of very few exercises that instead of flexing at the knees works by actually stretching the quad by slowly lowering down while keeping hips straight and pushing upwards. This is an aggressive way to isolate your Quadriceps and is very tough but incredibly effective.

#3 Barbell Back Extension


Improving your lower back by using the resistance of the increased tension via your torso being horizontal with the ground, gravity makes it very difficult to drive upwards. This exercise also increases the use of your hamstrings and glutes and improves strength in the whole posterior chain. Adding a barbell to this movement will simply further increase resistance.

back extension exercise

#4 Dumbbell 1 & 1/4 Chest Press


A dumbbell 1 and 1/4 press will ensure the pectoral is placed under extreme stress by loading the bottom phase of the movement further than any other phase. At the bottom of the press you are pressing the movement just 1/4 of the way up to then lower back down before pressing to lock of the tricep to complete the press. This will help improve the ability to drive a heavier weight when you are looking to improve your 1RM.

cable flies

#5 Incline Partial Range Cable Flies


Working in a partial range can help change the strength curve. Performing a cable fly in the partial range will focus on the flexion of the pectoral rather than the stretch phase of a standard cable fly. It is necessary for the pectoral to grow to change the way it is isolated and worked. This is an exceptional movement for growing the chest and increasing the strength in the muscle. For more information on Training, Health and Supplements check out my Facebook page – Jamie Bantleman – Body Transformation Specialist.

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