How To Maintain Fitness Abroad

Written by Akesha Smith

Maintain Fitness Abroad

Sun, beaches, cocktails and all you can eat buffet, yes you’ve gone all out on your holiday and you are loving life! Drink and food on your command, the hot sun and the sound of the ocean waking you up every morning, everything is pure bliss! Everything is going perfectly until you get home and step on those scales and realised you have picked up more than just a healthy tan on your holiday!


We’ve all been there! It’s your holiday, you have worked hard to get the time off and you deserve to enjoy it to the max! There are no rules on your holiday, you do what you want when you want. However when we come back to reality, there is a sense of regret, we wish we had not indulged so much, or at least done some form of a workout while abroad.


Now, I’m not saying to completely ditch your holiday vibe, and become the party pooper of the group obsessed with staying fit! No! So, how can you break the habit? How can you keep those pesky bits of fat from multiplying on your waistline?


First of all, if you are booking into a hotel I think it is a good start to pick one with a gym, this way you know at anytime of the day you can do a quick cardio session to burn off last night’s extravaganza! By booking into a hotel that is equipped with a gym in my opinion is a good step because subconsciously you’re already saying to yourself that you will workout on holiday.


Secondly, whether you are booking into a hotel with a gym or not you should pack a couple of workout clothes. Again this taps into your subconscious, making you think you are going to workout. By already having workout gear on holiday, you have no excuse not to exercise. Even if there is no gym available for you to use, you can go for a run or do some yoga or functional training on the beach! By bringing the clothes with you, it helps initiate a plan, and you start thinking of all the possible things you can do based on where you are going.


Another thing that can help with dodging the holiday fat, is getting involved in outdoor activities, things that require a lot of energy. For example, depending on where you are going you could go hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, different water sports and so on! Keeping it fun will help because you won’t think of it as a workout. The possibilities are endless as long as you are willing to try!


Holidays are for fun and crazy antics! Enjoy your time just like everyone else, but by being a little more active on your holiday and occasionally swapping a naughty meal for a healthier one, you’ll thank yourself ten times over when you return home and step on your scales!

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Faye Reid

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