How To Lose Fresher’s Fat

Lose Post Fresher’s Fat

Fresher’s is a fantastic time to let go and try new things. However, much of the fresher’s fun comes at a price. The dreaded “fresher’s 15” is a term to describe the typical weight gain in pounds of the students in their first year of university. However, surveys have shown a weight gain of up to 28lbs is not a rarity.


But what can you do once you get home and find the clothes you left at your mom’s don’t fit anymore? You can do plenty, is the answer. And it doesn’t involve becoming a hermit and only eating lettuce. Here is our fool-proof formula for losing that fresher’s fat:

Weight loss myths

Step #1: Step Up Your Activities


University is a perfect place to get involved in active pastimes. Join at least three societies or clubs that sound like they could be fun. Chances are, at least one will appeal to you long-term. Some of the best workouts include rowing, rugby, dance and martial arts, so start there if you are struggling to make a decision.
Joining a team gives you added incentives to keep up the exercise. You’ll develop skills, meet new people and have other people relying on you to show up.

Step #2: Get In The Kitchen


If you aren’t used to it, cooking from scratch can seem daunting. But you can save loads of both cash and calories by honing your skills on the stove. The most economical thing to do is to cook your meals in bulk. Then, you can either freeze plenty of portions for yourself or share the cost and the food with your flatmates.


Meals don’t have to be dull to be cheap and healthy. Chilli con Carne and brown rice, spaghetti Bolognese and Spanish omelettes are all examples of balanced, healthy meals that can be made in bulk and don’t cost the earth.
Another bonus of bulk cooking is that you can have your homemade recipes handy as microwave meals for when you are very busy or craving some food after a night out.

Step #3: Swap Your Drinks


Even if you have a totally balanced food intake, if you go out regularly you could be consuming way beyond the calories you are working off.
Beer and ales are one of the worst culprits. They are high in calories and carbohydrates. 1 pint is around 200 calories, so a bar crawl can soon add up. Another drink to ditch is wine, coming in at 83 calories for a single glass. Finally, cocktails can take a hike. In general, the cheaper they are, the more sugar and calories they are filled with – and often even a small glass can compete with a pint of beer for calorific content. So imagine how much running you’ll have to do to burn an entire fishbowl!


Do You Have To Say Goodbye To Booze?


Not necessarily. White spirits like gin and vodka are low-calorie alternatives, especially when paired with tonic water. Tequila is also a good choice, as studies show it can aid digestion and fat burning.
You should also evaluate the soft drinks you consume. Energy drinks, pop and even some cordials can ramp up your calorie intake without you realising. Swap to water in the day and you’ll be amazed how much difference this simple change can make.


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