How To Get Healthy | 5 Easy Changes To Increase Your Health & Fitness

After the festive break, what with the eating and drinking everything in sight, there’s no wonder practically everyone vows to get back in shape in January.

With that in mind, it’s most likely that gyms will be absolutely rammed this month – and good for you if you’re one of these people! However, here are a few easy changes you can make outside of the gym, in your own time, to live a healthier life.

#1 Get moving

Make a conscious effort to not sit down for the entire day – even if it’s your job! It’s incredibly important to make small tweaks in your daily routine to ensure that you’re moving.

✓ Go for a run in the morning – even a short walk will be sufficient to get you started! A little is 100% better than nothing.

Walk on your lunch-breaks/go for a run or a walk after work.

✓ Make sure you don’t sit down for more than an hour at a time, especially if you’re at a desk job – go to fill up your water or just a quick stretch of the legs will be of great benefit.

#2 Get strong

How To Get Healthy

The gym isn’t the only place you can go to workout – make the most of what’s around you.

✓ Perform high intensity workouts at home with little/no equipment >> work hard for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds and repeat for 20 minutes. This works with anything, from sit-ups and ab bikes to tuck jumps and burpees! Why not try this bodyweight fat-burning circuit?

✓ Another way to get stronger is by performing sprints – get outside and try 15-second reps on a quiet road.

#3 Stay hydrated

This is one we all know but very rarely stick to: make sure you drink enough water every day!

The recommended guidelines are between 2-3L per day, though this varies for each person.

Invest in a new water bottle and keep it on your desk at work/carry it around with you if working on the go. This may seem incredibly obvious, but you’d be shocked by how little water is drank throughout the day when living a busy, hectic lifestyle.

✓ Not only will this stop you snacking aimlessly when you’re not even hungry, but it’ll help both your insides and your outsides stay healthy by keeping you hydrated.

#4 Eat well

How To Get Healthy

Make sure you’re getting a balanced diet of carbs, fats and proteins. It’s hard to know where to start sometimes, but get yourself a cookbook in the sales and get meal prepping! Don’t be afraid to use high protein shakes and supplements to up your protein intake – girls, it will not make you bulk up (we don’t have that kind of testosterone).

Also be sure to get in a lot of fruits and veggies, not only will this mean you’re getting in a lot of vital nutrients for your body, but it’ll also help give your immune system a boost so you can be healthier and fight off that winter cold!

#5 Relax

Try not to stress out about it too much. If you want to lose weight/tone up, you’ll need to accept that this won’t happen overnight.

✓ Don’t just throw yourself into the gym full force – it’s likely your immune system won’t like it and you’ll get ill or you’ll do too much too soon and injure yourself. Take it easy, this is a long-term lifestyle change.

Take rest days and make sure you’re getting enough shut eye – your body needs time to recover.

Take Home Message

At the end of the day, if you eat right, drink plenty of water, move your body every day and give it the rest it deserves, your body will thank you for it.

These changes are to get you healthy for life.

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