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Written by Jack Boardman

Tips For Exercising In A Small Space

It’s not always possible to get to the gym to get your workout in. Sometimes, even if you do make it a packed gym can leave little room for the session that you had in mind. The issue here is that excuses don’t help you achieve the health gains you’re looking for. So if it’s a toss-up between working out in a confined space or not at all, your first job is to check your motivation.


Many prefer to rearrange their workout plan to avoid the queues for the bench press or squat rack. Although, there are times when this might not be an option. If you’re forced to work out with limited space or equipment it might seem worthwhile. But, you’d be wrong. So how can you make the most of exercising in a small space?


Effective resistance training is achieved by straining your muscles. To begin, let’s look at upper body strength. If you can stretch your arms out without touching anything you have enough room to use weights. Presses and curls can be performed in very limited space. If weights aren’t an option, using your body weight should not be seen as an lesser option.




Press-ups work your chest, arms, shoulders, triceps, back, and neck. Start small and develop your technique. When you’re ready to advance, increase the number of reps performed in each set. To isolate specific muscles, alter the angle you’re pressing from.

To reduce strain and engage more muscles you can use push-up handles.



As with press-ups, you can work these to your advantage, either off the edge of a bed or sturdy chair if you have space. Dips are a cornerstone in tricep, shoulder and back strength. By adjusting the angle at which you perform dips you can better isolate specific muscles.

Core Workout


Think yoga. You only need enough space to lie flat on the floor to perform an effective abs and core workout.


To push things up a notch, you could also make use of an ab-roller.

yoga class

Sliding Knee Tuck


Position yourself as if to do press-ups but raise your glutes so that they are high in the air with your head low. Bring one of your knees towards your chest with your toes still touching the floor. Alternate your legs as if walking. Exaggerate the stretching and bending of your legs with each rep.

Leg Raises


Raise your knees towards your midriff slowly, rather than allowing the momentum of your legs to swing.



Raise your knees towards your midriff. Ensure this is a slowly and steady motion, rather than allowing the momentum of your legs to swing.

press up

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