How to Burn Off An Easter Egg’s Calories

Written by Charlotte Campbell

Top Ways To Burn Off An Easter Egg’s Calories

Overindulged this Easter? You won’t have been the only one! Cracking open those calorific eggs may have been that Bank Holiday treat you needed, but the most tempting treats come at a price.


The average Easter egg will add 133 calories to your daily intake. Of course, the bigger your egg, the more calories you are likely to be faced with. So, we’re trusting you to check the label on this one. For your standard milk chocolate egg, these are the kind of exercises you should add to your workout to wipe the chocolatey slate clean.

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Horse Riding


About 45 minutes of horse riding will burn off that chocolate. It’s a common misconception that equestrian sports are basically just sitting down. Balance, control and resistance are all key aspects of horse riding. It’s a great sport for your legs, arms and posture.

Jumping Jacks


Jumping for 25 minutes will give you an overall body workout and sweat off those calories. Get a motivational playlist on or watch a high-octane TV show to keep your motivation strong.



If the playlist suggestion above sounded more appealing than the jumping jacks, why not bust some moves? Just over 20 minutes of throwing some shapes will burn off your Easter egg. Make sure you close the curtains and let loose because the more vigorously you let out your inner diva, the more calories you’ll knock off.




Get your domestic side going and vacuum the floors for 25 minutes. If you have one of those fancy remote controlled robot vacuums that definitely does not count. Burn off the chocolate, and have your floors looking in ship shape? Winner!



If you’re a fan of this killer move, test yourself to do it for 7 minutes. That should be enough to wipe the chocolate from your intake. You might need to take a breather, so make sure you stop your timer while you’re not in motion.

Take the Stairs


Whether it’s the stair machine at the gym, your stairs at home or ditching the lift at your office – 13 minutes of using the stairs will be enough to burn through that chocolate. Remember, this should be extra stairs in your day to really consider it burning off the added calorie intake.




No, a shower won’t do the trick. I’m talking washing your windows or your car. This is an upper body workout that will knock off an Easter egg in around 40 minutes. If you finish the windows or car before that time, you could always combine it with vacuuming for a full cleanse and calorie burner.



If you’re doing some family activities over Easter, why not suggest bowling as an active idea? Around an hour of bowling will burn off your treat. Although, bear in mind that this won’t include being sat down waiting your turn, so you might want to be super supportive and jump for joy any time your fellow bowlers do well. It’s good sportsmanship, and it’ll boost your burn.

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