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Resistance bands might not seem hugely exciting to look at, but they can be one of the best and compact tools in your home workout arsenal for a beach body, especially if you are travelling or haven’t time to get to a gym. They are aren’t as expensive as gym equipment and are also very effective at training the whole body!

Bands are also great for improving flexibility and can work your smaller stabilising muscles at the same time. You can buy different types of bands, some offering more resistance than others which means that you can adjust the difficulty of the workout to your own fitness level and then increase the difficulty as you progress. You can mimic almost all weight bearing exercises with a band simply by changing your anchor point and adjusting the height that your band is at – for example, low to high positions.


Shoulder press


Targets: Shoulders, triceps


Shoulder press


a) Stand on the middle of a resistance band.

b) Begin by raising the band and position your arms so that they are bent at a right angle

c) Tighten your core, stand straight and keep your shoulder blades back and together.

d) Press your hands above your head until you reach full extension and repeat for as many repetitions as necessary.


Upright row


Targets: Traps, shoulders





a) Begin with your feet together on the middle of a band.

b) Hold one end of the band in each of your hands and face your palms towards your thighs.

c) Lift your hands up to your chin keeping a bend in the arms and your elbows pointing towards the opposing walls.

d) Keeping control of your arms and pulling the shoulder blades down and back, lower your arms and repeat as many times as required.


Bent over row


Targets: Lower back, shoulders, biceps


Bent over row


a) Begin the movement by standing on the middle of an exercise band holding the end of each side of the band in each hand.

b) Push your hips back and bend forwards extending your arms towards the floor.

c) Bend your arms, pulling the resistance band upwards so that your arms are level with the floor.

d) Keep the elbows in tight to the sides of the body. Return to the starting position. This is one full repetition.


Donkey kickbacks


Targets: Glutes, Delts, Triceps, Core, Hamstrings, Quadriceps


donkey kickback


a) Begin on your hands and knees with the centre of the resistance band against the sole of your foot.

b) Grip one end of the band in each hand below your shoulders.

c) Squeeze the glutes and push your foot behind you, stretching out the band as you extend the leg backwards until it is almost straight.

d) Reverse the movement back to the starting position and repeat for the same amount of repetitions on the opposite leg.


Bicep curl


Targets: Biceps



bicep curl


a) Begin the exercise by standing on the centre of the band.

b) Hold both ends of the band in each hand with your arms extended towards the ground.

c) Without moving the upper arms, and keeping them close to the body, squeeze the muscles and curl the hands upwards towards the shoulders.

d) Maintaining control of your arms return to the beginning of the movement and repeat.


Triceps kickback


Targets: Triceps, Forearms



tricep kickback


a) Begin by gripping one end of the resistance band in each hand with your feet positioned in the centre of the band.

b) Push the hips back so that you are leaning forward and keep a slight bend in your knees.

c) Raise your elbows until your upper arms are level with the floor – ensure you keep your upper arms still and close to the body.

d) Extend your arms until they are straight behind you. Return to the starting position and repeat for as many repetitions as necessary.



Russian Twists


Targets: Abs, Obliques, Shoulders




a) Begin the movement by positioning yourself on the floor with the resistance band in hand

b) Wrap the centre of the resistance band around the soles of your feet and extend your legs forward, grabbing one end of the band in each hand

c) With a slight bend in your knees, secure your heels into the floor for stability and bring your hands together

d) Holding the band close and tight, tighten your core and straighten your back whilst leaning back to ensure you securely extend your arms at eye level, before slowly twisting each side, as shown above

Note: Ensure you complete the movement for the same time on each side and breathe normally throughout the exercise.



Take Home Message


Resistance bands are a cheap and portable addition to any exercise routine on the go. They are a great exercise tool to take outside when the sun is shining and fit perfectly into your carry-on luggage for holidays!

Give resistance bands a go for a summer workout that is beach friendly!




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