Home Workout | The Best 5 Legs, Bums and Tums Exercises To Do At Home

As everyone should know by now: you can’t spot-target weight loss. You can however work your whole body to reduce fat all over your body, and work specific muscles. By doing these two things you’ll see those areas really improve.

Sometimes you just don’t have time to go to the gym, so a home workout becomes the easy alternative. Here are a few moves for a quick workout you can do from the comfort of your own home to really help tone up your legs bums and tums!



Exercise #1: Burpees

Targets: legs, bums and tums.

Burpees are the workout move that everyone loves to hate. But they’re hard, and they will work your whole body!how to do burpees abby pell

Starting Position

Start in an upright standing position with your feet shoulder width apart.


a) Bend your knees and lean your body forward slightly so that you are able to place your hands on the floor in front of you.

b) Keeping your body weight on your hands, jump your feet back into a plank position.

c) Transfer your body weight back onto your hands and jump your feet in towards your hands.

d) From this position, jump upwards in one quick movement before landing in a standing position.

Repeat x 15 

Exercise #2: Walking lunges

Targets: legs, bums and tums.

These are great for your legs and core as you have to stabilise yourself while moving forwards and balance on your two feet when in the lunge position.

If you want to add some weight you’ll be working with a powerful leg and glute exercise great for isolation and concentration of the muscles.

alternating lunges abby pell

Starting Position

Start standing tall with your feet shoulder width apart.

Place your hands on your hips and keep your shoulders back and chest out.


a) Take a big step forward with your left foot.

b) As you plant your left foot on the floor, bend both knees to approximately 90 degrees into a lunge position.

c) As you extend both knees, transfer your weight onto your left foot and take a large step forward with your right foot.

d) As you plant your right foot on the floor, bend both knees to approximately 90 degrees into a lunge position.

Repeat for 20 steps (10 on each leg)

Exercise #3: Bicycle crunches

Targets: Tum section.

Keeping your shoulders off the ground works the top abs and keeping your legs up works the lower abs. By rotating you’re also working the obliques.

Targets: Tum section.bicycle crunch abby pell Starting Position

? Lie flat on your back on a yoga mat with your feet extended out in front of you.

Place your hands behind your earlobes.

Raise both feet off the floor and lift your head and shoulders off the floor

Step By Step

a) From the starting position, keep your right leg extended so that it is hovering above the floor, and bring your left knee into your chest

b) Immediately after you’ve brought your left knee to your chest, extend your left leg completely so that it is straight and hovering above the floor.

c) Bring your right knee into your chest (in a pedalling motion)

d) While your legs are pedalling, incorporate a twist in the upper body, meeting the knee at your chest with the opposite elbow (e.g. as you bring your left knee to your chest, twist your upper body to the right so that your right elbow touches your left knee)

Repeat for 20 reps (10 per side)

Exercise #4: Mountain Climbers 

Targets: Legs and tums.

A good mix of cardio to get your heart rate up will help burn fat. Try and keep your core stabilised while moving your legs in this position.

mountain climbers abby pell Starting Position

Start in a plank position on your hands and feet.


a) Keeping your left foot on the floor, bend your right knee towards your chest.

b) Extend your right leg and return to starting position.

c) Keeping your right feet on the floor, bend your left knee towards your chest.

d) Extend your left leg and return to starting position.

Repeat x 40 reps (20 on each leg)

Exercise #5: Squat Jumps

Targets: legs, bums and tums (keep your core tight.)

Mixing up the normal squat to get your heart rate up!squat jumps abby pell

Starting Position

? Position your feet shoulder width apart, keep head high and torso straight.


a) Position chest high and back straight, inhale and squat down until you reach a 90-degree angle or less.

b) Inhale and squat down until you reach a 90-degree angle or less.

c) Exhale and immediately power into the air with the ball of your feet.

d) Try and land as gently as possible (yes, it sounds silly!)

Repeat x 15

Repeat the whole circuit 3 times.

Cool down stretches

Make sure to stretch after every workout to loosen up the muscles and promote quicker recovery.

Hamstring stretches

hamstring stretches

Hip openers, side stretches, quad stretches

cool down stretches

Take Home Message

Incorporate some or all of these exercises into your training routine to start toning up and gaining lean muscle mass!

Impressed with the progress?

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