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Join Myprotein ambassador Kirk Miller showing you the best arm exercises that can be done anywhere – home, work or even on holiday!

Kirk’s short but effective bodyweight and resistance band arms workout will last around a mere 5-minutes.

This home workout is not only great for building muscle, but also fat loss due to the super-set format used throughout – which consists of one biceps exercise followed immediately with a triceps exercise. Feel the burn!

Superset #1: Double-arm Biceps Curl SS Triceps Dips


Double-arm biceps curls

kirk miller arms home workout


Step both feet into the resistance band and position yourself in a wide stance.

Hold a tight, wide, underhand grip of the resistance band

 Keep stomach and glutes tight throughout.

Overhead Triceps Extension

triceps dips


Kneel down onto your resistance band and place it just in front of your ankles & sit back onto your glutes to stabilise yourself.

Hold the resistance band above your head with a  tight, narrow, underhand grip.

Tuck your elbows in tight and stretch them at the bottom – your muscles will grow faster with a full-stretch contraction!

Sets and reps: 10-12 reps with a 4-second negative (Curl up for 1 second, squeeze for 1, down for 4)

30 seconds rest in between – make it slightly shorter to increase difficulty.

Superset #2: Alternating Hammer Curls SS Triceps Dips


Alternating Hammer Curls
(works long head of biceps for muscle thickness)

alternating hammer curl


✓ Keep intensity and form strict: Using two resistance bands, position yourself stood in a wide-stance,

Hold a tight, wide, underhand grip of the resistance band – make sure thumbs are facing inwards.

 Really contract the biceps throughout the movement.

Sets and reps: 10-12 reps with a quicker tempo

30 seconds rest in between – make it slightly shorter to increase difficulty.

Triceps dips (bench)
(Great move to target all 3 heads of your triceps)

triceps dips kirk miller


Sit on the edge of a table/bench – make it more difficult by resting your feet on another table/chair on the same level.

Tuck your arms right and position yourself in a full 90-degree bend.

 Quick tempo >> complete reps to failure.

Keep your back close to the table to remove pressure from the shoulders.

Take Home Message

There you have it! Keep it short and sharp to really feel the effect of a 5-minute superset workout.

Want to step it up a notch?

Increase the volume by completing 2-3 rounds of each superset!

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