Heavy Weights & Hot Dates | We Want To Know What Gets Your Heart Rate Going In The Gym…

We want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly…


Meeting fellow singletons to spark a potential new romance can be daunting. However, the gym has now become a hub for social interaction, and this Valentine’s Day we want to hear about your experiences with dating and the gym.

Whether it’s flirting in the gym, going on a gym date, or even meeting your significant other in the gym – we want every detail. From failed pick-up lines, to awkward fails in front of your crush, it’s time to spill all!

Do you have the kettlebells to swing a swolemate? Tell us about your gym-crush at and be in with a chance of winning a £100 voucher to spend on-site.

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Victoria Catterall-Decalmer

Victoria Catterall-Decalmer


Victoria has a master’s degree in English Literature. She loves doing unconventional workouts like pole fit, which she’s done for the past four years. She’s also a passionate foodie, so in her spare time, you’ll find her trying out the newest restaurants in her home town.

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