Gym Motivation With The West Twins

Written by Jack Boardman

Gym Motivation

Even the greatest, the fastest, the strongest of athletes have times when their level of motivation dips, affecting their performance.

Don’t worry: you’re not alone! And to remind you of that and how to take a more philosophical approach to overcoming a lack of motivation, Myprotein’s West Twins discuss gym motivation and what keeps them inspired and up for the fight on a day to day basis.


Keep in mind an expectation of what you can achieve


You will get days when you’re slightly less motivated than others when you know that you have work to do but for some reason, there is an ingredient missing that gives you that drive you need to fuel your ambition. The West Twins suggest keeping in mind an expectation of what you know that you can achieve. There are a number of reasons for your lack of motivation; it could be due to your energy levels, stress or mental health, but by keeping in mind what you know you can physically achieve, you set yourself a marker to aim for so that you won’t come up short.

Remind yourself why you do it and what makes you feel happy


You’re there because you want to be, and sometimes it might be the case that you need to remind yourself why you are there in the first place. There are so many reasons for sticking with a fitness plan, but only you know yours. Whether it’s strength and conditioning, a healthier body and balanced stress levels, mass muscle gains or calorie burning, try setting that aside for a moment and focus on what it is about training that makes you feel happy.

It’s okay to fail


If you don’t fail you may never push yourself to get better. Think of all the great athletes or someone who inspires you and imagine how many knocks they took – especially when they’ve been down on themselves – and how they managed to overcome and achieve their goals. The determination is just one factor along with an idea in mind of where you want to be; before you get there it’s wise to accept that you will fail and determine how you will confront your obstacles when you face them.

The West Twins’ advice? Embrace it, learn from it, do something different.


Keep track of your progress


It’s easy to focus on the negatives when you’re at a low point. By keeping a track of the progress you’re making you can not only keep tabs on your positive steps forward and continue along that track, but you can also motivate yourself by looking back at what you have achieved. Where were you at when you started in your strength and endurance? Where are you now and how far have you come?

Be yourself


As the Twins say: “Don’t try to be a second-rate version of anybody else; be a first-rate version of yourself.” This could mean a myriad of things to question, from self-esteem and confidence to taking the right advice. Everyone needs to start somewhere, but sometimes the same path that works for someone else isn’t what will get the best results for you and mean you’re able to remember on a regular basis what keeps you motivated.



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