Gym Etiquette | Top 10 Gym Rules

We’ve rounded up our top sources on the big do’s and don’ts of the gym world and we’ve come up with an essential list to make the gym a happy environment for everyone to be in and feel at home!


1. Re rack weights and equipment


This is probably the biggest pet peeve of most people who frequent the gym, when you have finished with your weights… put them back on the rack! And if they have labelled weight spots put them in there. There’s nothing worst then trying to look for a pair of weights or even worse, finding one dumbbell and having to scour the gym the find the other one.



2. Do not drop or slam weights on the floor


Weights might look strong but they can and will break over time if not treated well. Dumbbell handles or plates become loose and can actually be really dangerous so if you can lift them up for even one rep, in most cases, you can put it down slowly and controlled.


3. Use a towel or wipe off the benches after use


This is mainly for hygiene but would you want to use a bench or machine that is covered in sweat? Didn’t think so.

It also makes things like skin conditions very easy to spread which nobody wants, so either grab some paper towel and the disinfectant that’s usually next to it or use a towel to wipe down each piece of equipment you use.



4. Always check to see if the machines or equipment is being used


Just wait 10 seconds or so before using a bit of equipment, even if someone else is using it, ask if you can work in with them.


5. Be willing for people to work in on machines with you


As long as the whole blazing squad crew hasn’t turned up to use the machine you’re on, be courteous and let someone work in with you while you’re resting. The only time this doesn’t really make sense is when you’re using something plate loaded and you’re the hulk and the person asking is a newbie, or vice versa.


6. If super setting, keep it to 2 machines and let people know you are super setting


Using more than 2 machines at once can be really inconvenient for others in the gym and can make you quite a few enemies if you’re not careful! Always be on the look out to see if what you’re doing is impacting others.



7. No curls in the squat rack


Nothing really needs to be said about this one… the cardinal sin of all things gym! Never curl in the squat rack… ever!


If you ask someone to spot you, make sure that you only need them in case you get in trouble.


This can be very dangerous to both sides, if you’re not sure you can handle the weight, don’t attempt it, it can injure you extremely badly and it can also injure your spotter if they have to do the brunt of the work.


8. Give people space


Waiting for a piece of equipment? Don’t stand behind the person or sit next to them (believe me this happens!) stay at a nice distance so nobody jumps in your “queue” but also keep a distance so the person can perform well during their set.


9. Do not sit on equipment if you are not using it


I know they’re called “benches” but they are not the same as the ones at the park!



10. Do not use equipment as your coat rack


This can get in the way of people wanting to use machines, use the storage facilities in your gym.


A Take Home Message


We hope this helps make your gym experience a little easier and if you see anyone breaking any of these rules, forward them on this link!!


Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.



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