Gym Etiquette | Are You Guilty Of These Bad Gym Habits?

Most people are guilty of bad behaviour in the gym – whether it occurs during every training session or on the odd occasion.

…But please make sure you are not a culprit of these gym pet peeves!

#1 Not wiping down machines after you use them


Some people sweat a little, and some people sweat a lot! I don’t want to look like I have sat in a puddle after I use a machine that hasn’t been wiped down.

Do us all a favour and just give it a quick wipe down after you use it – most gyms have some form of tissue available but your sweat towel will do just fine if there is none handy!

#2 Not un-racking your weights in the squat rack when finished


This can be a huge issue in the gym. I get that you can deadlift 300 kg, and I really am impressed at your strength, but please don’t leave the rest of us to deload your barbell afterwards.

squat rack

This adds extra time to our work out and we have enough to be doing without cleaning up after other peoples mess!

You also don’t know who might use the rack after you, they might not be able to lift heavy plates if they are a beginner or working around an injury! It only takes a few minutes extra to clean up after yourself, and the gym staff will appreciate it too!

#3 Using the squat rack as your personal office instead of training


This is another common complaint. Although it’s not an issue to rest between sets, there is a point when this becomes unreasonable. Twenty minute phone calls and even reading magazines is really unfair to other gym goers that maybe cannot complete their training without the rack.

Try not to set up camp in between sets to organise your social life. Use the rack for training and rest only as necessary then move on to let someone else have a go. Sharing is caring after all!

#4 Hogging machines with personal items while you’re on another one


This is probably the most annoying and selfish bad gym habit that I see frequently at the gym!

Although it is no problem to leave your towel down if you experience a pressing call of nature during a set of squats, it really isn’t cool to leave your towel in the squat rack, your water bottle on the cable machine and other random personal items on different pieces of equipment. included in your programme so that they are all guaranteed to be free when you eventually get through your exercises to use them.

This is surprisingly common and a sure way to get in everyone’s bad books! Please only take up the equipment you are using for that particular exercise and we will all get along just fine!

gym wear

#5 Not washing your gym gear after every wear


This is something you would expect to be common sense, but sometimes people forget to wash their gear after a sweaty session.

Every time. Although we can all forget to do something as a once off, it really isn’t nice to train beside someone who hasn’t washed their gear in a month. Just saying!

#6  Eating badly after training


Although not quite associated with being in the gym, this point deserves recognition in this list of bad habits! Eating badly after training is another really common pitfall many people fall into after a heavy session.

Justifying really bad food choices that way exceed the calories you expended in a workout is not a good plan. You cannot out train a bad diet, and this will also affect your recovery and performance.

Although it is fine to have a treat and you certainly should enjoy your food, a little awareness goes a very long way, training hard should not mean an absolute free for all and justifying bad nutritional decisions because you did some cardio or worked especially hard is a slippery slope. This habit when practiced over time can deliver a major blow to your training and fat loss goals.

meal prep calories in vs calories out

Take Home Message


These are just a few of the worst bad habits you might come across at your gym.

Be the cool person at the gym that re-racks their weights and thinks about other people and make your gym a nicer place to train for everyone!



Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.



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