Gym Bag Essentials | Let’s Get Packing!

By Nina Chin/ Blogger

You get to the gym, ready for your hardcore sweat session and realise you’ve forgotten something. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?!

Well, learn from our mistakes and avoid these mishaps, we’re here to make your life a little easier with this Gym Bag Essentials cheat sheet!

Whether you work out in the morning before work, during your lunch break or after work, a well-packed gym bag is a must.

Always pack your bag the night before. Preparation is the key!


gym bag essentials

Gym Clothes

Trainers – do not underestimate the power of good trainers and please, do not wear your day-to-day trainers for a run. The way you walk and the way you run are two pairs of shoes, literally speaking. To prevent any long-term damage on your joints, make sure to invest in a good pair and they’ll go a long way.

✓ Trainers

✓  Leggings

✓ Sports Bra

✓  Top

✓  Socks

✓ Towel

✓  Pad lock


gym bag essentials



Albeit the comfort of my own shower, most of the time I work out before work and therefore have to use the facilities onsite.

I love, love, love toiletries – make sure to get miniature sizes, otherwise your gym bag will get very heavy over time. It also gives you an excuse to try new products or simply collect the toiletries from your hotel stays. 2-in-1 products are very handy as well!

✓  Shampoo + Conditioner

✓ Body wash

✓ Facial wipes

✓  Deodorant

✓ Body spray

✓ Brush

✓  Hair elastics

✓  Workout Wonder Muscle Gel

✓ Baby powder



 Pre -Workout Formula (Apple & Pear is my favourite)


✓  Water Bottle

✓ Updated playlist


gym bag essentials


What are your gym bag essentials? Have we missed anything? How do you prepare for a heavy session?

Get the best results with these Essentials:

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