Gym Accessories | How To Use Resistance Bands, Kinesiology Tape & More


Innovative gym accessories have exploded into the fitness industry with the goal of improving all different types of training. But can they really help your training? And how exactly do they work?

Resistance Bands

Best used for: Full body workouts and assistance exercises, such as assisted pull-ups (wrapping resistance bands around your knees in a pull up position to support the lift).

How to use: Just one example includes using resistance bands in place of dumbbells, performing ‘double-arm bicep curls’.

kirk miller arms home workout

Resistance bands are great for isolating muscles and focusing on smaller muscle groups whilst at home or on the move. Our Myprotein Resistance Bands are extra-strong, long resistant bands ideal for intense training.

Use at home or in the gym for body weight exercises; weight assisted pull ups are a great way to train upper body with no machinery involved. Available in five different colours, with varying resistances.

Liquid Chalk

Best used for: A huge variety of training including gymnastics, weight training, golf, climbing, CrossFit

How to use: Simply apply a small amount to your palms to improve grip!

The benefits of using chalk whilst training are widely known; chalk improves grip and reduces sweating.

Our liquid chalk is practical, can be transported easily, and doesn’t leave stains on equipment or clothing. Suitable for a huge variety of training, from weight lifting and climbing to gymnastics and golf, they’re the perfect opportunity to try something new!

Foam Roller

Best used for: Recovery: relieving muscle aches and pains post workout

How to use: Perfecting for loosening up tight muscles, for example, tight quads after leg day:

quadriceps stretch

Our Myprotein Foam Roller is made from high density EVA foam so it will maintain its shape for years. Ideal for smoothing out aches and pains after hard core training. Perfect for physiotherapy and muscle rehabilitation.

Not just to be used for easing off sore muscles from Pilates or Yoga, all training should be followed by stretching and recovery attempts to improve muscle composition and performance.

Padded Lifting Straps

Best used for: Supporting grip for heavy lifts E.g. deadlifts

How to use: Wrap securely around wrists for assistance in lifting heavier weights

Wrist straps are particularly helpful for power lifters and those who partake in regular heavy lifting sessions.

After a tough lifting session, your grip strength can weaken – padded lifting straps can assist in providing a stronger grip to allow for a longer, more efficient session

Kinesiology Tape


Best used for: Maintaining posture, supporting injured muscles and joints, delaying fatigue

How to use: Adhere tape to problem areas and areas where extra support is required

Kinesiology tape is a must have workout partner. Designed to lift the skin away from the muscle and fascia to decompress the area and promote blood flow; delay fatigue and speed up your recovery.

Made from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, with an Acrylic base and medical tape adhesive that is strong but gentle on the skin! Use this tape to give you the edge in your training and improve your understanding of your posture and body position.

Leather Lifting Belt

Best used for: Supporting your back during training

How to use: Wear this belt during your intense heavy lifting sessions for support and improved performance – the belt should fit tightly around the waist

Our premium Lifting Belt is designed to support your back and core throughout heavy lifting sessions. Made with high qua

Lifting belts are not just for the heavy handed, they can also improve your form and posture whilst lifting, so are a great addition to any beginners gym bag.

Gym Accessories are great for maximising your training sessions, if used correctly!

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