Goal Setting | 7 Ways To Make Your Fitness Motivation Stick

At the beginning of January, you almost expect to see endless posts of people starting their New Year’s resolutions – endless #SweatySelfies, pictures of kale salads and green juices, supermarket trollies packed with fruit and veg and you almost learn to expect the gym to be rammed full.

Come the end of January, however, the New Year’s resolution-ers fall off, one by one, as people settle back into their normal routines.

Here are some tips to ensure you’re not one of those who gives up on their resolutions by February, and how to stick to your healthy New Year’s resolutions.

#1 Specify your goals with time frames

New Year’s resolutions like “in 2016 I want to lose weight/get fit” never work because they’re too broad – how will you know when you’ve achieved your goal?

Set yourself a deadline (for example, the first of March) to do something specific – run 5KM non-stop/ get a squat PB/ do 20 push ups in a row.

This gives you something to aim for in a specific time-frame, which makes you more likely to do it.

#2 Get yourself a workout buddy

Get one of your friends or your partner to join you on your healthy journey and you’ll never skip a workout again – you’re way less likely to cancel a gym date or a run when you know you’re going with someone.

If you can’t find someone to go with you, just tell people about it and get them to hold you accountable – tell people in the office that you’re going to the gym in your lunch break – they’ll end up reminding you at 12 (“I thought you were going to the gym“) and, like magic, you’re off to hit the weights.

#4 Do something that pumps you up

Find something that inspires you to keep going when all you want to do is stop.

✓ Whether that be a music playlist that pumps you up, or rewatching old Olympic footage, find something that makes you want to get up and go.

#3 Enter an event

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Similarly to number 1, entering an event will give you that kick up the backside you need to keep going. You don’t have to enter a marathon, but entering a 5KM/10KM/half marathon will get you running – if you want to cross the finish line that is.

If you’re not a runner, consider entering a race like a Tough Mudder:

✓ Get a group together and have a laugh as you jog/walk/crawl/jump/carry each other around the 5mile-11mile course!

#5 Get changed

Change your clothes, that is. This is one of my favourites, you’re almost tricking yourself into working out.

✓ Even if you don’t feel like working out, just get changed into your workout clothes and see how you feel in 10-20 minutes – chances are you’ll think “well I may as well do it now because I’m ready for it.”

#6 Do a big shop

Eating healthy is all about what you’ve got in your cupboards – if you’ve got bad foods in there, you’ll end up eating bad foods.

✓ Stock up on fruits and veggies and make sure you eat them – don’t just chuck them out when they go off.

✓ Buy frozen berries to whack into smoothies (as they won’t go off) and freeze your meats if you don’t think you’ll eat them right away (just make sure you defrost them correctly)

Shopping doesn’t have to end there – get yourself to the sales and grab yourself some new gym gear. New clothes always get you more motivated to workout because you want to use them/show them off.

#7 Treat your self

Reward yourself – but not with food! Get yourself a piggy bank and put in £1 every time you workout.

✓ Once you’ve reached your goal, buy something nice for yourself – you’ve really earned it!

Take Home Message

Don’t just stop once you’ve reached your goal – you can make resolutions whenever you want.

Keep setting yourself new challenges and keep adding your money to your pot and you won’t want to stop.

Want to embark on a fresh start?

Check out Myprotein’s January 2016 #MYTIME for workout plans, nutrition advice and recipes to help you achieve your goals!


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