Gain Bigger Biceps In Four Weeks

Written by Jack Boardman

Bigger Biceps in Four Weeks

Struggling to develop bigger biceps is often not the result of not trying, but rather misusing your energy and a lack of routine. We’ve put together a few pointers as to why you are not seeing the results you want, along with a plan to help you achieve your goals in four weeks.


If you think you’re training your biceps regularly enough, there are several other factors that could be the reason you are not seeing the growth you want. Not training enough is an obvious one, but if you regularly lift weights this is not likely. The biceps are a small muscle group that are involved in many favourite exercises, including pulling and rowing motions – not to mention other exercises wherein the biceps are supportive of other muscles.

barbell biceps curls

Another reason for underdeveloped biceps, or them not maintaining the volume you’re after, is that you may be thinking too much in terms of reps and going too light with the amount you lift. If you’re lifting light with a high number of reps this may pump them up but only on a temporary basis.


Bicep curls are single joint exercises or isolating exercises, which are a perfect way of zeroing in on a specific muscle group. One of the disadvantages is the strain it puts on the joint you use, and also that you can’t go as heavy as when you’re performing compound lifts.


This workout looks at compartmentalising your bicep routine. This is because many people do not think in terms of muscle groups and tend to adopt one-size fits all method of working out. Curls are fine to a point, but unless you use different grips, angles and vary intensities, you are not going to hit all the muscle fibres you mean to. To that end, this workout breaks up your routine and week-by-week makes sure you’re working different parts of your bicep.


In terms of weight, you ought to look at a mid-heavy weight, with emphasis on complete reps.

bicep curl

Week 1: Focus on overall mass coverage


Sitting dumbbell curls (alternating)

4 sets  8-12 reps


Preacher curl with barbell

4 sets  8-12 reps


Inclining dumbbell curls

3 sets 10-15 reps


Hammer curls

3 sets 10-15 reps

Week 2: Focus on the long outer head


Barbell bicep curls (close grip)

5 sets  6-15 reps


Inclining cable curl

4 sets  8-10 reps


Sitting inclining dumbbell curls

4 sets 12-15 reps


Reverse barbell curls

4 sets 10-15 reps

bicep exercises best workout

Week 3: Focus on inner short head muscle


Kneeling incline cable curl

5 sets 15 reps


Dumbbell preacher curl

4 sets 12 reps


Barbell curl (wide grip)

3 sets 12 reps


Hammer curl using cable

2 sets  15 reps

Week 4: Overall coverage


Preacher curl

4 sets 15 reps


Zottman curl

4 sets 15-20 reps


Seated row

5 sets 5 reps



5 sets of 5


Heavy lifting is the key to muscle growth, and so when looking at a bigger picture and longer term bicep building, you should factor these exercises in with compound lifts (multi-joint exercises) that also work your biceps.


Last but not least, to ensure you’re doing all you can, you need to address the matter of your nutrition and see that you’re getting the calories and protein that you need building bigger biceps.


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