Gain A Beach Body In 8 Weeks | Week 5

Written by Jamie Bantleman

Beach Body Plan

Welcome to the introduction of carb cycling. In my opinion, when you are tolerant to carbohydrates and utilise them efficiently and effectively there is no better way of increasing the rate of fat loss and muscle building at the same time.


Once you workout your macronutrient intake that suits your BMR you can then take percentages of this figure to fit your carbohydrate intake for that particular day. You will have a low carb day, moderate carb day and a high carb day. This does not mean having a cheat meal, it will just mean that your percentages for that particular day will show an increase in the number of carbs eaten.


Your low carb day will look like the following and you will use the principles set in week 1 where your macros were:


Protein: 50%

Fat: 40%

Carb: 10% (from veg)

Your moderate carb day will be using the principles set between weeks 3-8 where you were using carb sources such as sweet potato, berries, parsnips etc.


Protein: 40%

Fat: 40%

Carb: 20%

Your high carb day will be using all of the moderate carb sources as well as sources such as rice and oats creating a macronutrient balance of:


Protein: 40%

Fat: 10%

Carb: 50%

580x310 Carbohydrates

Your frequency of carb cycling will be:


Monday: Low Carb

Tuesday: Low Carb

Wednesday: Moderate Carb

Thursday: Low Carb

Friday: Low Carb

Saturday: Low Carb

Sunday: High Carb

Training will now be increased and on your high carb and moderate carb days you will be doing a semi-fasted cardio session upon waking. This can either be going for a bike ride, steady walk or jog or if you are going to the gym you could go for a swim or go on the stair master. Semi-fasted would be doing cardio after taking 6g BCAA, 2000mg L-Carnitine and 500mg caffeine.


Your resistance training regime will stay the same in terms of frequency and we will progress your GVT onwards.

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 BB RDL 4 6-8 3110 30s
A2 Heels Elevated BB Squat 4 6-8 3010 100s
B1 Lying Leg Curl 4 8-10 3010 30s
B2 Short Range DB Walking Lunge 4 8-10 2010 100s
C1 Trap Bar Deadlift 4 8-10 3010 30s
C2 Low Foot Leg Press 4 12-15 3010 100s
D1 High Foot Leg Press 4 20 3010 30s
D2 Leg Extension 4 20 3110 100s
E1 5 Mins Single Leg Seated Calf Press 1 5 mins 2010

leg extension

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Flat DB Chest Press 4 6-8 3010 30s
A2 Pronated Grip Lat Pull Down 4 6-8 3110 100s
B1 Standing Cable Flies 4 8-10 3110 30s
B2 Supinated BB Bent Over Row 4 8-10 3010 100s
C1 High Incline DB Chest Press 4 8-10 3010 30s
C2 Seated Row 4 12-15 3010 100s
D1 Reverse Shoulder Press 4 20 3010 30s
D2 DB Lateral Raises 4 20 3110 100s
E1 Single Arm Chest Press Machine 1 5 mins 2010

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 BB Close Grip Press 4 6-8 3010 30s
A2 EZ Preacher Curl 4 6-8 3110 100s
B1 EZ Bar Lying Tricep Extension 4 8-10 3110 30s
B2 DB Spider Curl 4 8-10 3010 100s
C1 Close Grip Press Up (on a bench if needed) 4 8-10 3010 30s
C2 Incline DB Curls 4 12-15 3010 100s
D1 Duel Rope Extension 4 20 3010 30s
D2 Straight Bar Cable Curl 4 20 3110 100s
E1 Single Arm Bicep Curl 1 5 mins 2010


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