Gain A Beach Body In 8 Weeks | Week 2

Written by Jamie Bantleman

Week 2 Of 8

In the next phase of this plan, we will look into your training regime and look at how we can develop further calorific output in an attempt to lose more body fat. We will continue using resistance training as your major tool, keeping cardio levels low to save that tool for later on in the programme.


Your programme will go from training in the style of super sets to increasing the sets and reps volume of the workout by using ‘tri-sets’. Three exercises back to back will then go through the different training systems of strength training, hypertrophy and high volume. This plan will help increase your strength as well as increase fat loss.


Your training phase will be a 6-12-25 programme which was highly publicised by strength coach Charles Poliquin. The brilliance of this programme is that while being very simple to follow with just two tri-sets you can increase the weight to improve overall power and strength as well keep a very high level of intensity.

park jump

In terms of your nutritional protocol we will now add in two things:


#1 Carbohydrate load from dark fruits as a source of post-workout replenishment.

#2 Supplementation


Your slight change in nutrition would then bring your macronutrients to change to a split of:


Protein: 40%

Fats: 40%

Carbohydrates: 20% (from veg and berries)


Training Phase


Monday: Session 1

Tuesday: Session 2

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: REST

Friday: Session 1

Saturday: Session 2

Sunday: REST

Supplementation Protocol


Omega 3 Capsules – Breakfast/lunch/evening meals – 2g each meal

Magnesium – Evening meal/before bed – 2g each time

Zinc – Breakfast – 120mg

L-Carnitine – Pre-workout – 3g

Pancreatin – Every meal – 2 caps


Your Workout Plan

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Dumbbell Chest Press (Flat Bench) 4 6 4110 10s
A2 Machine Chest Press 4 12 3010 10s
A3 Seated Machine Fly 4 25 2110 60s
B1 Seated Row 4 6 4110 10s
B2 Rear Delt Machine Fly 4 12 3010 10s
B3 High Unilateral Row 4 25 2110 60s


Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Barbell Back Squat 4 6 4110 10s
A2 Lying Leg Curl 4 12 3010 10s
A3 Leg Extension 4 25 2110 60s
B1 Hex Bar Squat 4 6 4110 10s
B2 V-Squat 4 12 3010 10s
B3 Standing Calf Raise 4 25 2110 60s


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