Gain A Beach Body In 8 Weeks | Week 1

Written by Jamie Bantleman

Week 1 Of 8

In this series of 8 articles, I will be covering the different training phases of aiming for the perfect beach body. It will take you through different weight training workouts, cardio sessions, modified strongman sessions and abs workouts.


This plan will not be for the feint hearted and is geared towards those aiming for serious change by training at a high level of intensity when required to and lifting as much weight as you possibly can. Sounds too difficult? Don’t worry, shoot for one of the other plans we have developed here on The Zone. This is time for serious hard graft in order to get amazing results!

hiit workout

To see great results you should take a ‘pre’ shot of your front, back and sides in a totally relaxed position. At the end of each week, re-take the photo’s and if it is accessible in the gym that you train at have your BioSignature Assessment done in order to track your skin fold measurements, body fat % and lean mass.


Your nutritional protocol will change as and when your body does, if you are losing weight and even increasing in muscle mass you can adapt your calories and macros where it suits. This article will be dedicated to explaining how we will do this and achieve the best results possible. Therefore, to kick this off we will firstly be going into finding how many calories we should be eating on a day to day basis.


This will be down to your basil metabolic rate and how often you are training per week. The different variables that will affect this total figure will be how active you are, how tall and heavy you are as well as your gender. The best method I use outside of having yourself tested with a scientific metabolic testing unit is the Harris-Benedict method which is easily accessible online. Find your total requirements and then we can then move on to your macronutrients.

pre workout

Your macronutrients are protein, fat and carbohydrates. These are the food which we will break your nutritional strategy down into. Firstly, presuming you are between 15-20% body fat we will use a 14 day lower carbohydrate protocol which is known as by an ‘insulin cleanse’. This is reducing the total amount of sugars in the diet from carbohydrate loads such as cutting out all sources of carbs including fruit and cordial/fruit juices etc.


We will use carbs from above ground vegetables, however, for now, we are going to lose the root vegetables (such as sweet and white potatoes). Your diet will consist of high-quality protein sources as well as fats in the form of foods such as avocados, oils, butter, and olives. Your total macronutrient split will be:


Protein: 50%

Fat: 40%

Carb: 10% (from veg)

Training Plan Weeks 1-2


Monday: Session 1

Tuesday: Session 2

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: REST

Friday: Session 1

Saturday: Session 2

Sunday: REST

cable crunches

Order Session 1 Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Bulgarian Split Squat 4 10 3010 10s
A2 Barbell Deadlift 4 10 3010 90s
B1 Lying Leg Curl 4 12 3010 10s
B2 Dumbbell Walking Lunges 4 12 3010 90s
C1 Reverse Hack Squat 4 15 3010 10s
C2 Leg Extension 4 15 3010 90s

Order Session 2 Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Dumbbell Flat Chest Press 4 10 3010 10s
A2 Semi-Supinated Grip Pull Down 4 10 3010 90s
B1 Seated Dumbbell Press 4 12 3010 10s
B2 Barbell Bent Over Row 4 12 3010 90s
C1 Cable Flies 4 15 3010 10s
C2 Seated Cable Row 4 15 3010 90s

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

Chris Appleton

Chris Appleton

Writer and expert

Chris is an editor and a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, with a BA honours degree in Sports Coaching and Development, and a level 3 qualification in Sports Nutrition. He has experience providing fitness classes and programs for beginners and advanced levels of clients and sports athletes. Chris is also a qualified football coach, delivering high-level goalkeeping and fitness training at a semi-professional level, with nutritional advice to help maintain optimal performance. His experience in the sports and fitness industry spans 15 years and is continuously looking to improve. In his spare time, Chris likes to dedicate it to his family while training in the gym.

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