Fitness Stocking Fillers For Home Workouts

Written by Jack Boardman

Stocking Fillers For Home Workouts

Looking for a few fitness-related stocking fillers for a loved one this Christmas? Whether they’re already an avid gym-goer or just have good intentions to start some healthy New Year resolutions, here are some small but incredibly useful stocking-sized fitness gifts that will surely be appreciated no matter what point they’re at in their exercise goals.

For newbies, people who are just getting started or perhaps wanting to begin an exercise routine but aren’t quite ready for a gym membership, home workout equipment is a fantastic way to build momentum. By having a few pieces of kit at hand without stepping outside excuses may be minimised and health gains achieved more quickly.


Of course, we’re not saying that those New Year resolutions won’t last until next Christmas, but it might be said that the sudden population increase in gym weight rooms and the lack of treadmills available in January and February does tend to wane as the Christmas carbs become a distant memory.

hiit home workout

So what could be a better solution than buying a few pieces of exercise equipment that the person in question will have for years to come, whether they stick out the gym membership or not?


To begin, let’s look at a few gifts that could help with those rock hard abs goals. The key to exercising abs is variety, so along with a yoga mat, check out these top gifts:


An ab roller is an essential tool for sculpting abs and toning up. It can be used anywhere, from your bedroom floor to the cushioned exercise mats at your gym. A good idea is to work on technique first, practicing to roll out in different directions from your knees, channelling your shoulders, core, arms and back. From there build the number of reps and use at the start and end of a workout.

Foam roller

A yoga ball is a superb addition to your everyday gym and home workouts. For sit-ups, planking or yoga, this handy bit of equipment for developing overall strength and muscular endurance that can also be used as part of circuit training and for aerobics.


To build strength and tone without filling your living room with benches and lifting equipment, the following are good ideas that don’t take up a lot of space while offering a potentially diverse workout for your arms and core strength.

Push up equipment to work a multitude of muscles and get the practice in for barbells and gym benches. These are fitted with  a swivel action grip design and rubber handles for complete grip, control and joint ease during your workouts. They can be utilised  to enhance the benefits of normal push ups to build strength and muscle definition, which in turn can help with posture. They benefit everyone from beginners to experts


fit ball pull in

Resistance tubing to tone and stretch. Unlike weight machines, these tubes allow for strengthening exercises to be performed in functional, tempo controlled, sports related movements.

skipping for fat loss

For aerobic exercise without leaving the house, with enough space a skipping rope is a favourite for many reasons if not at first. After a bit of practice to improve technique, a skipping rope is perfect for warming up and down before and after a workout and is a perfect way to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn off a few mince pies.

Get the best results with these Essentials:

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