Power Through Christmas | Top Fitness Gifts For Gym Goers


When it comes to the fitness obsessed, thinking of the best Christmas present is often a dreaded task.

Not to worry, here at Myprotein whether you’re looking to buy for a partner, family member or friend, we’ve got you covered with these fitness gifts for all!

#1 Gym Wear

Okay so number one is by far the most obvious gift idea for any workout warrier- gym clothing! But what items are best to buy?

This really depends on your loved ones fitness interests… If they’re a regular in the weights department and love curling iron; hoodies, sweat pants, t shirts and stringer vests will make the perfect gifts… Plus they’re super comfy!

mens gym clothing

If your loved one like to work up a sweat running marathons or spinning; skins, under armour and compression clothing will definitely give them the look and feel of an athlete.


Why not check out our Men’s clothing range and women’s clothing range.

#2 Trainers

If there’s one thing gym goers take pride in- its not a pair of shiny shoes or some new stilettos, its a new fair of killer trainers!

crossfit shoes

Trainers – whether it’s running trainers or the most stylish and colourful pair of gym shoes – should definitely be on the list of top gifts for gym goers.

crossfit shoes

#3 Lifting Acessories

If your loved one loves to lift why not aid their goals with our lifting accessories.

Choose from a selection of lifting belts to dipping belts, dead lifting straps and knee and wrist wraps.

#4 Gym Bag and Accessories

If your loved one is way into training, follows a good dieting regime or regularly likes to plan meals, why not get them some practical gym accessories.


The Smart Shaker and storage tower are perfect additions to any training regime and are super handy for storing pre and post workout supplements.

Additionally, check out our 8-meal holdall to make sure your New Year is an organised and healthy one!

myprotein 8 meal holdall

A large spacious sports bag and ideal for packing gym kit, meals and even great for weekends away.

#5 Mp3 Player and Head Phones

If there’s one thing that all gym goers need it’s a new pair of headphones!

You can never have too many pairs of headphones for the gym. Why not treat your loved one to a new mp3 music player or ipod and headphones this Christmas so they can get the best out of every workout!

#6 Bundles

If your loved one is a regular to sports supplements or even just starting out why not grab a Myprotein Christmas bundle to put under the tree!

christmas bundle myprotein

Other amazing bundles include our The Workout Bundle and The Greens Bundle!

#8 Gym Membership

If your loved ones gym membership runs out at the end of this year why not renew it for them!

Or if they want to kick start their fitness this new year a gym membership is the perfect way to aid them on their fitness journey. You could even look into personal training sessions.

#9 Gift Voucher

Still stuck for ideas!? If your friend or family member is super fussy about gifts, you can’t go wrong with a gift voucher.

We now sell exclusive Myprotein gift vouchers and E-vouchers.

myprotein gift card

#7 Sports Massage

If there is one thing I’d like on my Christmas list… it’s not a spa day… but a sports massage.

There’s nothing better than a sports massage to start the new year off and get rid of all those muscle knots and pains.

A perfect gift for a hardcore gym goer! Top it off with some soothing muscle gel:

mio skincare workout wonder



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