Myprotein Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016


Stuck for gift ideas for Dad who seems to have EVERYTHING he needs? Or maybe you’re wanting to encourage him on his journey to be a healthier, happier person/remind him of why he’s lucky to have such a great child.


Either way – our range of gifts have been specifically chosen as great fit gifts for Dad this Father’s Day!


Father’s Day Gifts | CLOTHING

#1 | Men’s Tag T-Shirt

Moisture wicking fabric & maximum breathability


Our Men’s Tag T-shirt is perfect for any occasion – whether you’re taking Dad to the gym or opting for game in front of the TV, it’ll be appreciated nonetheless. Unless you’ve bought it for yourself.

Moisture wicking fabric for comfortable and sweat-free training sessions.

Available in black and blue – keep it nice and simple!

#2 | Men’s Running Jacket

Perfect running jacket for any occasion


Now you can run with your Dad and let him look like the cool one for once with our brand new High Performance Men’s Running Jacket.

At least you can tell him this anyway. It’ll make his day!

Ventilation for maximum breath-ability.

Perfect combination of style, performance and visibility.

#3 | Premium Zip Hoodie

Ultimate 4-way stretch for flexibility


Premium indeed. Can your Dad pull off the Premium Zip Hoodie?

Nifty thumb holes for ultimate comfort – you’re Dad will think he’s made it in the cool club.

Ultimate stretch for complete flexibility and mobility – whether you’re trying a new exercise or head-locking for the remote control.

#4 | Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt

Soft blend material & loose fit design


Our brand new Raglan Sleeve T-shirts combines maximum comfort with flexibility.

✓ Available in 5 colours, YES! If your Dad loves the one you’ve bought, that’s Birthday and Christmas sorted for the next 2 years!

Loose fit for those who like a bit of extra room… whether it’s needed for the chest… or the gut.

#5 | Mobility Long-Sleeve Top

Lightweight performance fabric


Dad not a fan of short sleeve tops? Not a problem! Hide those arms… Or accentuate them even more (if you’re opting for a smaller size) in our Mobility Long Sleeve Top.

 Available in blue and grey.

Lightweight and moisture-wicking for ultimate comfort in and out of the gym!

Father’s Day Gifts | ACCESSORIES

#6 | Waterproof Sports Bag

Adjustable strap, waterproof & sizable!


Dad love hiking? Or skiing? Maybe he likes to have a lot of STUFF. Whatever the case, our Waterproof Sports Bag is perfect for all hobbies!

Adjustable shoulder strap and detachable carry strap for ultimate variety.

Waterproof and easily wipe-able – great for the OCD cleaners!

#7 | Holdall Sports Bag

Backpack or Holdall – you decide!


Like our Waterproof Sports Bag, our Holdall Sports Bag can easily convert from holdall to backpack!

Adjustable padded shoulder strap alongside the suppressible backpack function.

Removable divider to separate all sorts of stuff!

#8  | Blue/Black/Grey Beanie

Get your beanies ready for camping


Perfect for chilled camping evenings or messy hair days in the gym! Or just to make your Dad feel good. Our Beanies are Great either way.

Stylish, simple design combined with ultimate comfort.

Available in blue, black or grey.

#9 | 1/2 Gallon Hydrator

Perfect on-the-go bottle for ultimate hydration


Feel like your Dad could up his water in-take? Whether he’s always on-the-go at work or spends far too much money on bottle drinks, our 1/2 Gallon Hydrator will be the perfect gift!

BPA (chemical) Free plastic – just something else to add to impress your Dad.

Huge 1.9 litre capacity and built-in handle for easy drinking!

#10 | Pro-Training Lifting Gloves

Ultimate comfort and grip for weight training


Does Dad love deadlifts? Our Pro-Training Lifting Gloves will be the perfect present! Although, be aware that he may out-lift you with the extra grip…

Extra wrist support and padding.

Adjustable strapping and Velcro strap.

#11 | Core 150 Protein Shaker

Limited Edition Shakers


To celebrate Myprotein’s 12th Birthday, we released a range of limited edition products – with our Core 150 Protein Shaker being one of them.

Fancy a change from your usual bottle? Grab one of our 1-litre capacity shakers.

Built in grid for lump-free shakes.

Available in black or blue.

#12 | Leather Lifting Belt

Support your lower back with high quality & durable leather


The Myprotein Leather Lifting Belt has been designed to offer maximum back and core support when performing heavy lifts!

✓ 8 different size settings between and 32”- 40”

Strong metal double buckle to secure it in place

Father’s Day Gifts | SNACKS

#13 | High Protein Dark Chocolate

Deliciously rich chocolate containing 19g protein ber bar


Don’t deny it – Dad loves dark chocolate! What better Father’s Day gift than telling him “let’s have a bar of rich & creamy High Protein Chocolate for our post-workout snack!”

19g protein per bar.

 62% less sugar than supermarket alternatives.

#14 | White Chocolate Protein Brownies

Guilt-free treats containing 23g protein & 4g sugar

white chocolate protein brownies

Irresistibly chocolatey and chewy, our brand new White Chocolate Protein Browniescontain up to 75% less sugar than the standard supermarket brownie!

✓ A guilt-free sweet treat with a huge 23g protein per brownie.

✓ Combine one of our brownies with our Sugar-Free Syrup, and some of our famous Peanut Butter!

#15 | Flavoured Nut Butters

Delicious flavoured butters for the fit Dad who carries rice-cakes in his work bag!

flavoured nut butters

Our best sellers just got EVEN better!

If your Dad enjoys peanut, almond and cashew butters – whether on rice-cakes, slathered on toast or by the spoonful, he’ll love our Peanut and Coconut, Almond and Coconut, Cashew & Vanilla and TRIPLE NUT combo Nut Butters!

✓ Contains no added sugar or salt!

✓ Ideal to add to snacks such as rice cakes, crackers, wholegrain toast and also to fruits such as apples and bananas.





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