Exercises To Complete During The Ads

Written by Charlotte Campbell

Exercises To Complete During TV Ads

A night in front of the television can feel like a good reward after a busy and active day. However, if you feel like you are more couch potato than you’d like to admit, an ad break workout could be just what you need.


The average advert break is between 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 minutes, with roughly 3 breaks per hour. This makes for a good HIIT workout structure. Granted, the rests watching TV are far longer than you’d get at the gym. But, a little sweat is better than none at all, right?


Netflix and other ad-free service lovers, no excuse for you! Simply combine three of these mini workouts between episodes of your current binge watch. Don’t pretend you only watch one episode a day, we know that is impossible. Assume each workout is 3 minutes to help you time this correctly.


To maximise this workout, we’ve combined some killer moves. You may well feel the burn with these complimentary exercises, but you’ve got sofa time to recover. Don’t be fooled that you don’t need protein just because you’re not hitting up the gym. Swap your sofa snacks for some high protein treats to aid recovery. Skinny cookies and protein brownies feel naughty whilst still aiding your muscle’s bounce back ability.


Ad break workout #1


Russian twists plus sit ups.

Targets: Abs and obliques.


Train your middle with 4 Russian twists (2 per side) plus one sit-up. Repeat this as many times as you can until your show starts again. Add weights to this workout to push your ad break calorie burn to the next level. Keep in your hands as you complete each twist. Then, lower the weights over your head so your arms are stretched behind your head as you descend to the floor. Raise over your head and to your knees as you sit back up.

 Ad break workout #2


Mountain climbers plus push-ups.

Targets: Legs and arms.


A great overall workout that especially targets your limbs. Do 1 push up for every 10 mountain climbers. You might even feel the burn enough in your arms afterwards to put your off reaching for any unhealthy treats.

Ad break workout #3


High knees and squat jumps.

Targets: Glutes and thighs.


Alternate between 15 high knees and 5 squat jumps. You’ll be glad to put your feet up when your tv show starts again! Add some weights to maximise this workout, too. Hold the weights out to your side so your arm is straight from the shoulder while you complete the high knees. Then lift above your head as you jump in the air.


Ad break workout #4


Jumping jacks and burpees.

Targets: Glutes, core, arms.


This one will get your heart racing along nicely! Complete 15 jumping jacks for every 5 burpees. To accentuate the toning effect on your legs, drop into a quick sumo squat with each outward jump off your jumping jacks.



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