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Your chances of dating a supermodel are pretty slim (0.001%), but, as Leicester City proved to us all, improbabilities are not necessarily impossibilities. With the odds stacked 5,000/1 against them, events that were calculated to be more likely than a Leicester win included Simon Cowell becoming Prime Minister (500/1) and Hugh Hefner proclaiming himself to be a virgin (1,000/1).

To establish which Euro teams have the bookies’ backing, we’ve scaled data from Betfair into percentage probabilities, alongside some unexpected probability trivia. Comparing this information has resulted in both entertaining and concerning discoveries, including the fact that a win for England is about as likely to occur as a British earthquake (10%). However, whilst a French victory seems probable (23.7%), it’s worth remembering that, as a female, you’re more likely to live to 100, which gives you ample time (25 Euros, to be exact) to see your team triumph.


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