Defeat The Heat With Myprotein’s NEW Endurance Range!


Defeat The Heat This Summer with

Myprotein’s BRAND NEW Endurance Products!

Introducing | ElectroFuel Powder

Refreshing Electrolyte Drink with Added Coconut Water Powder


Exercising for a protracted length of time leads to the depletion of muscle glycogen stores and reduced electrolyte levels.

ElectroFuel Powder has been designed to incorporate a blend of carbohydrates, electrolytes and coconut water powder, in a range of delicious natural flavours!

✓ Multiple transportable carbohydrates

✓ Added coconut water powder

✓ Delicious range of natural flavours

Introducing | RecoverFuel Powder

With Micellar Whey™, Ganeden and Multivitamin Blend


After training or competing intensively, the body’s immune system can become compromised, and so quality nutrition, such as RecoverFuel Powder, is imperative in ensuring you can perform at your best, all year around!

✓ Packed with 20 performance ingredients

✓ Containing Micellar WheyTM & GanedenTM

✓ Incorporates multivitamin blend

Introducing | Recovery Plus Elite Gels

Worlds first recovery gel, with BCAAs, glutamine & tart cherry concentrate


Recovery Plus Elite™ provides all of the actives associated with recovery, in an incredibly convenient and delicious gel.

✓ 15g protein, 20g carbohydrates, 0.1g of fat

✓ Added BCAAs & glutamine

✓ Added electrolytes and tart cherry juice

Introducing | Protein Gels

Convenient and delicious pre- or post-workout protein!


Protein Gels will contribute to the growth and maintenance of your muscle mass. With just over 100 calories and 0.1g of fat, you can be rest assured that Protein gel is a guilt free addition to your diet.

 20g of protein per pack

✓ 102 calories, 0.1g of fat

✓ Delicious creamy flavour

Introducing | Pina Colada Whey Protein

Our best-selling Impact Whey Protein in refreshing Pina Colada flavour!

pina colada whey

Whether you are an elite athlete or a recreational cross-fitter, protein is an integral component of everyone’s diet regimen due to its master role in muscle growth and repair – now try it in our delicious limited edition Pina Colada flavour!

20.5g of protein per serving

✓ 4.5g of BCAAs including 2g of leucine per serving

✓ Pina Colada limited-edition flavour

Introducing | Deluxe Energy Gels

Convenient Energy Gel with electrolytes, vitamins & BCAAs!


Containing multiple carbohydrates, an electrolyte blend and a B vitamin matrix, Deluxe Energy has been formulated so that you get the most out of your body when it matters most!

✓ Smaller, 35g gel

✓ Added BCAAs, B Vitamins & Electrolytes

✓ Truly indulgent, dessert like flavour

Introducing | Deluxe Energy & Caffeine Gels

Convenient 35g Energy Gel with added Caffeine & BCAAs!


Deluxe Energy + Caffeine packs in 24g of carbohydrates, alongside an offering of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids). With a wonderful espresso flavour, Deluxe Energy + Caffeine offers the truly indulgent flavour you may crave whilst on the track!

✓ Smaller, 35g gel with added caffeine!

✓ Added BCAAs, B Vitamins & Electrolytes

✓ Truly indulgent, dessert like flavour

Keep your eyes peeled…

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