Death by DOMS

What Is DOMS?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, in other words, that achy feeling you get in your muscles after a killer workout. If you’ve ever noticed someone walking up or down the stairs in pain or dragging their arms by their side, they are probably suffering from DOMS. One cannot describe the pain of DOMS, you simply have to go through it yourself. It is a bittersweet pain that runs through your achy muscles. From one point of view, you’re thinking to yourself, “why did I do this to myself, did I really have to push myself to the max on that last set?”. However, on another point, that achy feeling is welcomed because, in your twisted fitness junkie head, you’re thinking to yourself “damn right I worked hard and pushed that last set”, always remember – no pain, no gain!

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The First Stage Of DOMS


After the intense workout, you’ve put your body through you’ll have what us gym junkies call “The Lactic Walk”. This walk usually looking like your body may collapse at any moment, quite a funny sight to see but not one to be endured. The pain you feel straight after your workouts are mild compared to what is on the way!

Stage Two Of DOMS


This is the day after, you’ve had your protein shake, prepped meals and supplements, all in the hope to prevent or at least decrease the effects of your killer workout, but we all know it’s all in vain and there is no hope…
So you’ve woken up and the first thing you check is can you move? All seems well and you think yes you managed to divert the pain, and as you go to step out of your bed BOOM! DOMS! Hits you straight away and your whole body is in a world pain. It’s from that very moment, you know it’s going to be a long day!

Stage Three Of DOMS


Struggling through your day to day life, and for some reason at each corner, there is a load of stairs to welcome you! Someone tells you to go and do something and of course, on that day, the lift is broken so you have to now trudge up eight flights of stairs! At this stage, everything you do is just hard. Typing up a report, walking around, trying to use the loo, all simple everyday things we take for granted, turn into impossible missions!

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Final Stage


You’ve finally made it through your day, it may have taken you a lot longer, but you’ve managed it! The pain is starting to ease up, or you’re used to the pain and you’ve decided you’re going to have another crack at it! And off you go back to the sweaty hell pit you call a gym to blast your body again!


It’s a crazy cycle, but to be able to show off your gains, you have to put the work in! Help aid your recovery by adding the Myprotein Hurricane XS to your shakes to give your body all that it needs to try and recover quickly and efficiently.

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