Couples Workout | The Partner Exercise Circuit


By Myprotein Writer

John Hockley

If you’re in a relationship and you like to hit the gym together, finding a workout that fits both of your goals can be tricky at times.

So, the next time you are training with your partner give this workout a go.

This circuit can be done with minimal equipment and challenges every muscle in your body, making it a challenge no matter what your fitness level.

Warm up

Complete 3 rounds of the following exercises with little to no rest between sets.

1) 5 press ups (modify to knee press ups if this is too difficult)

2) 10 air squats

3) 12 reverse lunges (6 each leg)

Following the warm up, move onto;

Round #1

Burpee/press up/chest pass

Equipment required: medicine ball or slam ball


Partner 1 whilst holding the medicine ball performs a burpee into a press-up (if possible) then jumps up and passes the ball to partner 2. They repeat the move. Both partners keep going until failure.

? Rest 1-2 minutes and repeat. If you lost the first round, then this is your chance to draw even.

Round #2

Jump Squat and Plank 

Partner 1 gets ready in the plank position. Partner 2 then jumps over partner 1, landing into a squat. Partner 2 turns around and repeats the movement 15 times.

Partners then switch positions and complete the move, that’s one set. The aim is to complete the jump squats as quickly as possible to spare your partner the pain!

? Rest 1-2 minutes at the end of each set and repeat 3 times.

Round #3

Pick & mix

bodyweight squats

Partner 1 rows 250 metres on the rowing machine. Partner 2 performs an exercise of their choice in that time. Press ups, squats, curls…

Once partner 1 has finished the 250 metres, swap positions. Partner 1 then performs the exercise chosen by partner 2.

? Repeat this four times, on round’s two and four player 2 picks the exercise.

By the end of this you would have completed 1000 metres and a whole bunch of reps.

Round #4

Abs. Compete these 3 exercises in order with minimal rest.

1) Partner facing sit ups- Partner 1 and 2 set themselves in the sit-up position, facing each other with toes touching. Perform a sit up at the same time, touch hands at the top of the move and repeat 15 times.

2) Medicine ball twist and pass- Both partners sit next to each other with their feet off of the floor. Partner 1 starts by holding the medicine ball, twists and passes it to partner 2. Partner 2 twists, touches the ball on the floor and reverses the movement. Complete 20 reps.

3) Bicycle crunches– Both players lie down and perform 20 slow bicycle crunches.

? Rest 60 seconds at the end of the round and repeat for a further 2 rounds.

Workout complete

By this time the endorphins should be flowing, and if you’re lucky you might be able to sway your partner into buying you a protein bar.


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