Could You Get Top Marks in These School Fitness Tests?

Could You Complete School Fitness Tests?

You may have been sporty since you could walk, or a late bloomer that dreaded PE back in the day. But, as we should always be looking forwards, not back, let’s focus on our fitness now. School level fitness tests are often good indicators of our abilities even as adults.

So would you be top of the class? We dug out some classic fitness tests you can try out. Remember to warm up as you would for any other intensive workout. These tests are about pushing yourself, so make sure your body is ready to take the challenge.


The Beep Test


If you’re part of a sports team or the military, you may have already endured the beep test again as an adult. However, if not, you probably still remember that harsh beep as you sprinted across the school hall.

The Beep Test measures your aerobic capability. Two points are measured 20 metres apart, and your job is to run from one to the other before the “beep” noise. The beeps get closer together, meaning you have to go faster and faster.

This test is a maximal exercise, so you just have to keep going until you fail (or, if you are incredibly fit, finish the exercise).

There are 21 levels to complete, and you can find the timed beep audios online. Women should aim for level 7, men for level 10. To put it in context, to become a Royal Marine you must score 13, but to join the Police Force level 5 is all that is needed for general roles.

Push-Up Test


This is a simple school fitness test to carry out. You do as many push ups as you can without stopping. An average score would be around 35 for men and 25 for women. An excellent score would be around 50+ for men and 45+ for women.

If you find this test too easy because you already smash the push ups regularly, try the Flexed Arm Hang. Simply hold a chin up position for as long as you can while a spotter times you. This is an exercise you do against yourself. Try it every couple of weeks and see how you improve.

press up

Stork Test


This school fitness test measures your level of balance. To do the test, you must put your hands on your hips and lift one foot until it rests on the inside knee of the opposite leg. Hold this position for as long as you can. A spotter should time you from the moment you lift your foot up until your hands move from your hips or you lose the position of the foot against the knee.

An average time is around 30 seconds, while 50+ seconds is considered excellent.

Alternate Hand Wall Toss


The purpose of this school fitness test is to measure your hand-eye coordination.

You’ll need a tennis ball and a wall marker (e.g. masking tape) for this school fitness test. Mark a point on the wall at around head height, and then move 2.5 metres from it. You then throw the ball with your right hand at the marker and catch it with your left hand. Throw the ball with the left at the marker, and then catch it with your right again, and so on. You do this until you drop the ball or miss the marker.

An average score is around 20 successful throws, while 35+ is an excellent score.


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