BodyPower 2017 | What To Expect

Wondering whether or not you should attend BodyPower  2017?

You would be silly not to! In 2009, the expo made its health and fitness debut in the UK, celebrating, inspiring, attracting and motivating over 90,000 individuals. This year BodyPower has stepped it up a notch, confirming several exclusive athletes for you to meet and greet, including Myprotein ambassador, Rob Lipsett. Although, if you have never attended or even heard of BodyPower, you must keep reading – it’s not to be missed!


What Is BodyPower?


BodyPower is the biggest indoor fitness expo in the world, and it’s right on your doorstep!  Full of inspiration, motivation and freebies, BodyPower spans six halls, capturing the imagination of enthusiasts ranging from those dipping their toes into the gym to those who are fully submerged. Covering 3 days of networking, trade stands, demonstrations and freebies, you will not go home empty handed!

Who Will Be Attending BodyPower UK 2017?


Who isn’t? This year BodyPower has a great turnout. From IFBB Pro’s, Ms Olympia, fitness models, fitness coach’s and not to mention Myprotein ambassadors including Alex Pauwels, The West Twins, Kirk Miller, Sarah Godfrey, Abby Pell and several others! Why not visit a workshop? BodyPower has numerous scheduled throughout the weekend, whether it be back to basics, British weightlifting or healthy kitchen, there is something for everyone to attend.

Are you an avid shopper? Love a good freebie? Or can never turn down free food? You must attend!! From bikinis to protein bars, there are plenty of trade stands for you to browse and taste.

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What Is Myprotein Offering?


Who doesn’t love to appreciate what an athlete can do to transform their body, it’s truly amazing, right? If you’re looking at attending BodyPower 2017 but worried that you may feel intimidated by all the fitness freaks of the world – you’re totally wrong! There is plenty of individuals attending the event from numerous backgrounds, simply stroll along to the Myprotein stand and have a chat with our top ambassadors. Meet like-minded people, gain advice and top tips or even grab a selfie, plus our ambassadors will be holding demonstrations and workshops throughout the weekend – who knew baking was so healthy?


New products emerge from almost nowhere at Myprotein – make sure you’re the first to try! You’ll be greeted by several innovative individuals, including our very own in-house nutritionists, giving you a helping hand with your supplement and nutrition intake, not to mention taking centre stage for an exclusive demonstration. Don’t forget to take notes and get your fingertips ready to test, trial and experience some delicious protein goodies.


We read your minds. Yes, we’re stocked up to the roof with samples, clothing, your favourite whey and all at discounted prices! You won’t be leaving the expo hall until your arms are full (of protein of course). Our social media channels will keep you up to date with live competitions, sneak peeks and discounts available throughout the weekend, so make sure you tune into our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages – fill your boots!


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