Best Societies To Burn Calories At University

How To Burn Calories At Uni

One of the great benefits of university life is the myriad of new opportunities offered to you. University societies are a fantastic way to develop new skills and meet new friends. And if upping your fitness game is on your personal curriculum, we’ve got our top calorie torching societies to help narrow down your choices.




Playing rugby is a brilliant way to raise your fitness levels. Rugby has a reputation for strong team spirits, so if you’re socially motivated you’re bound to find you push yourself in every training session. Not only that, but the competitive nature of the game also ignites motivation to succeed. Rugby has an added bonus of offering roles for both bigger and smaller players. So you needn’t be put off that rugby won’t fit your goals.



If you haven’t tried rowing before, you’ll be amazed at how fit it can make you. After all, there’s a reason there’s a machine dedicated to it in nearly every gym.
Rowing is an all over body workout. Not only that, but it’s a team sport. In making friends as you train, you’ll have extra reasons to come to practice and workout.
Rowing is also great for getting outdoors, and seeing your university town from a different perspective – the water.



Football is a classic option as most people already know the basics before they start. Cardio fitness is a must, so training will involve plenty of fat burning exercises. If you have a competitive streak, frequent practice matches, friendlies and tournaments will keep you pushing yourself.



Martial Arts

Learning martial arts is a very useful skill, as well as being an excellent workout. Martial arts require strength and stamina. So you’ll find training burns your day and builds lean muscle. Once you get to sparring or fights, your effort levels will skyrocket. After all, there’s nothing like thinking you might be kicked in the face to make you bring your A game.



Chances are your university will have a number of different dance societies dedicated to various styles. If you’re stuck with which to choose, go to them all! You can always narrow down your favourite if they begin to take up too much time. Dance is a great full body cardio workout. Some dance styles lend themselves to socialising, like partnered dancing or group performances. But even if not, the feel good factor you’ll get from nailing a move will keep you coming back.

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If sports are really not your thing, you may prefer a society that gets you moving without you realising it. Groups like LARPS (Live Action Role Play) or similar societies recreate battles and other historical moments. It’ll get you outdoors and running around without stepping foot in a gym or studio.

The big question: what if I’ve never done it before?
Most societies anticipate that there will be beginner level members. After all, one of the main reasons students start societies is to share their passion with others. So don’t panic if you’ve never held an oar or only dance in your bedroom. Just think, by next freshers week you could be the one giving out helpful advice to a newbie.


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