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Veronica Chu

We are often told the many benefits of exercise, for both mental and physical well-being. Nevertheless, those who are new to exercise may dread getting fit, and be put off by what they see as the negative side of fitness – for example, the sacrifices they think they will have to make.

This article talks about the many benefits of getting fit, so that hopefully you’ll put aside any doubts and make fitness a part of your life!

Physical Benefits

Of course, the physical benefits of getting fit are what a majority of people who begin exercise are after.

benefits of exercise


✓ Losing fat or gaining muscle

✓ A mixture of both to get that ‘shredded’ or ‘toned’ look many people are after.

Mental Benefits

Indeed, when I first began my fitness journey, my motivation was to look better through losing fat and gaining some muscle.

mental benefits of exercise

However, now that I have been training for a longer time, I find that the mental benefits of keeping fit are what keeps me training, far more than the physical benefits.

Since I began to prioritise fitness in my life, I have developed skills that have improved all other aspects of my life…

Improved discipline 

I have gained this through giving up the foods I enjoy or missing out on the odd social occasion (if necessary) in order to meet my fitness goals. It has also taught me dedication, hard work and focus, so that I can make it to the gym, even when I’m busy or not in the mood.

It has taught me patience, as results are not achieved overnight and consistent efforts must be made day after day; and resilience as even if I fail I have to try again.

Copious amounts of joy

It’s honestly incredible the amount of joy I’ve experienced through reaching goals I never thought were possible. Of course, many of these mental benefits are heightened in my case as a competitive athlete, but I’m sure that anyone who makes the choice to get fit and stick to it will experience the mental benefits. After all, most people find that if they look good, they also feel good.

Social Benefits

The social benefits are getting fit are fairly subject to the individual!

social benefits of exercise

Personally, as a competitive athlete, getting fit has allowed me to meet other people all over the world who have similar passions to me.

Increased social life from mental growth

For others, the social benefits of getting fit may stem from the mental benefits, as they find that the mental growth that they achieve through getting fit allows them to improve on their relationships with people around them.

Even if you are not a competitive athlete, many people find that they form new friendships through getting fit, as they join in group exercise activities such as Parkrun or gym classes.

Take Home Message

This article has outlined some, but not all, of the benefits involved in getting fit.

Just as exercise is unique to the individual, the benefits experienced from fitness will be unique to the individual – so why not give it a try and find out what getting fit will do for you!

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